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  1. ArchSkylar's Sims Creation

    Hello Everyone !
    First of all, I'm sorry that it I've been off for some month. I've been busy with my college. Now I'm back to create more custom sims. Welcome to my post, grab a drink and take a look at my sims ?
    In this post, you can find the full creations of my sims. Maybe my sims are not too good or matching with your taste, but I'm trying my best here.
    If you have any suggestion, please leave a comment.
    And don't hesitate to criticize my work. I'll be happy, so I can improve my work.
    If you want to support me, please visit my Patreon, I'll appreciate that. 
    I hope you like my contents.
    Cheers !

    I'm working on my project based on my mood and time. Sometimes I just have a bad day and don't seem to have any ideas for making sims. And sometimes I'm busy too because I'm still in college.
    Okay, so, I have made 3 free sims for the starter to show you what's the context or theme in my custom sims.
    Every creators have their own passion in creating sims, and so do I. Compliment is accepted, but please don't judge which one is better, or good, or bad, or something like that. Every people have their own taste ! We are here to having fun, and sharing our experience in The Sims.
    What is my plan for future ?
    Well, the most important thing is I still need to learn much how to edit my page. 
    About my projects, it's now in progress (WIP). I have a plan to make other projects. I'll announce it later.
    And, I'm planning to make a schedule for uploading my projects because I need to manage my time strictly. I'll reply your comment, or message as soon as possible.
    What can you find in this post ?
    There are 3 section for now. First one is Free Sims, second one is Early Access Sims, and third one one is Limited-edition Sims (soon).
    For Free Sims, now I'm making all the new sims from its original which means i made it from the start. Later, I will make a new section for Town Makeover Sims.
    For Early Access Sims, I have made the default public release is 10 days after upload time. Or if you want to get it instantly, be a patron and then you can download it @Patreon. And after the publication, the Early Access Sims will be moved into Free Sims. 
    For Limited-edition, you can access it by becoming patron. Limited-edition have 2 categories, one is my special work to dedicated at something which available to be downloaded for a limited time in LL but you can download it anytime at my patreon if you are a patron, and other is requested sims by patron, and only can be accessed by patron. Also I'm opening voting and request section from now only at patreon.
    You can find the full information at my patreon. If you have any question, please contact me.
    If you want to check more awesome CCs created by our lovely creators, I've provided the full links in the bottom of the page.
    In case if you have any questions or suggestions, please tell me. Either you can leave a comment, or you can directly message me.
    For the installation, extract and copy paste the file into you Sims 4 data folder in disk C (not the installation directory).
    And last, I'm sorry if there's any misspelling because English is not my native language.
    Hope you enjoy my contents !


    Lily Ashe
    Leslie Holland
    Kira Nanami
    Alika Nissa
    Natalie Flo
    Naomi Mimosa
    Lizette May
    Enma Vienna
    Mika Itsumi
    Cecilia Lindsey
    Jessie Black

    [NEW] Hanna Cassie
    (Patreon) Public Release on 22/6/2021

    Brielle Myers
    (new year special edition)
    Available until 2 Jan, 2021 at Patreon
    Eve Sweet
    (request by patron)
    Available at Patreon
    Vany Azalea
    Available at Patreon
    Soon Ah
    Available at Patreon
    More Contents Coming Soon ! 
    Vote and Request @Patreon

    Thank you so much for the artists who made awesome works.
    And with all due respect, all the CCs that used are credited to artists.



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