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  1. done it, thank's 😃 sorry i don't know any of that. maybe you can ask other modder perhaps ?
  2. I don't know any, but try searching FEMDOMANIA Animations. Maybe you can find it there, or ask the creator. Here's the link (click here)
  3. i haven't tried that before, let me try it first and i will update the list soon.
  4. In my customized sims, I simply made 2 folder to make easier way to install it. You can find The Sims 4 mods and tray folder in C:\Users\(Your computer name)\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 (FOR WINDOWS 7)
  5. updated, thank's for the information ! sorry, i just back from my busy days. it has to be 2 folders, mods and tray.
  6. @TURBODRIVER Sir, if I want to update the mod, should I delete this files too ?
  7. Nisa's Wicked Perversion You can also make a stripclub directly from WW mod
  8. Try to look at "Fit to Sexual Function" and Gender Recognition
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