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  1. Gulfwulf

    Advanced Animation Framework

    I've been updating as you've been releasing new versions, D. The next time I play I'll see if I get a fourth one. I'll also check to see if the PipBoy is still being equipped on my clone.
  2. Gulfwulf

    Advanced Animation Framework

    In regards to the whole equipment issue, I seem to be getting extra PipBoys for some reason. They only show up when I access an armor bench so I don't know if it's this mod or another that's causing the issue. My character is male and I'm using SEU to initiate sex. Here's my load order:
  3. http://wiki.step-project.com/Fores_New_Idles_in_Skyrim#Recommendations
  4. Gulfwulf

    Advanced Animation Framework

    The short answer is to remove it and start a new game. The long answer is to remove it and try removing the scripts with Fallrim Tools. You have to be careful with this tool because removing the wrong thing can make your game unloadable - I found that out the hard way.
  5. All of Gamoholik's files are gone. I don't know if they left voluntarily or were banned, but you cannot download any of their files on here anymore. Hopefully someone has this and can share it.
  6. Gulfwulf


    The proxy only replaces the main fourplay file, so you'll still need attributes if you use a mod that depends on it. As far as I know, AAF is only a framework for loading and playing animations, so it won't interfere with attributes. I'm not sure about the proxy, though, you'll need to ask the mod author about that.
  7. Gulfwulf

    Advanced Animation Framework

    AAF is an esm file, so it should go underneath your other esm files (mainly the DLCs). The four-play proxy, however, should go above any mods that require FP to work, like Vanilla Fudge, Sex-em Up, etc.
  8. Gulfwulf


    No they do not. Animations for FP have to be added to the framework, while AAF can load them as long as they include the proper xml files. You can safely get rid of FP and install AAF, just make sure you're using the proxy patch. This guide by Farelle should have all of the information you need.
  9. Gulfwulf


    Yes they do. Use one or the other. Also, AAF comes with Leito's EVB for males, so you won't need a nude suit for them. You'll need need EVB for females or CBBE. Only the non-nude male issues; Nuresh will still have problems playing animations by having both AAF and FP installed and active.
  10. It does, though I've noticed a few issues. I'll post in the relevant thread(s) the next time they crop up.
  11. I use MO and I have the animation patches at a higher priority than this one. It's only a slider file that gets overwritten that I can see so I'm not really sure. Everything seems to be working properly though.
  12. Four Play cannot handle multiple stage animations.
  13. Just the later. The former is for anybody that wants to look at the source code, it isn't required for things to run properly.
  14. I've been using it for about 2 days and it seems pretty stable. I do know it's still being worked on, unlike FourPlay.