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  1. Gulfwulf

    Advanced Animation Framework

    Cool. I'll check out the next public build and let you know if I have any issues.
  2. Gulfwulf

    Advanced Animation Framework

    Cool. Any ETA on when it'll be released to us unwashed masses? [Edit]: what was the problem?
  3. Gulfwulf

    Advanced Animation Framework

    It's attached to a quest that starts automatically. Could I remove the mod, then use the save game cleaner to remove the scripts? I'd rather not have to start a new game just to test this out because it requires a romanced companion to work.
  4. Gulfwulf

    Advanced Animation Framework

    Does FO 4 save script data like Skyrim did? If so, that might be part of the issue because I don't have a clean game to test with.
  5. Gulfwulf

    Extended Skeleton DEV Thread

    I'd pitch in if I knew anything about skinning. Instead I'll just add in my voice in thanks for your hard work, Zaz.
  6. Gulfwulf

    Advanced Animation Framework

    Sorry, Dk, but I was hoping the mod author would do that. Anyway, I renamed both animations to Fake Position and tried the hug and kiss options: both played a random animation so it seems there's either an issue with the code or with AAF. By the way, do you know of a good Notepad++ compiler script I could use? I'd rather not have to run the GECK everytime I need to recompile this script. Thanks.
  7. I appreciate it. Keep up the good work.
  8. Gulfwulf

    Advanced Animation Framework

    I wish that was the problem but it isn't because I have those two animations installed: they're both part of Rufgt's Atomic Lust animation package, which leads me to think it's a scripting issue because others have been having the same problem.
  9. In the aaf\AAF_settings.xml file, look for where it says <setting id="ignore_animation_genders" value="false"/> and change false to true.
  10. Gulfwulf

    Advanced Animation Framework

    Hey DK, This is the script for the Immersive Lovers Embrace Remastered mod that we were discussing on the issues tracker where the wrong animations were taking place. The author hasn't responded to any comments on the mod page in over a week, so I figured I'd post this here to see if either you or @Flashy (JoeR) could tell me what's wrong with it. I don't mind making changes and testing them because I like the idea behind the mod. Thanks. Basically what happens is that AAF plays a random animation whenever you use the pop-up menu to either hug or kiss your romanced companion rather than the proper animation. I would debug it myself, but I only know enough scripting to be dangerous and I would have to basically rewrite it using Flashy's template to figure out what's going on. Thanks again.
  11. The author's no longer a member of LL. Why, I don't know, you'll have to ask a moderator about it, but all of his files are now gone.
  12. Those are the ones from Homemaker, right? Any chance to add new ones? Also, could you add in a no-strip option for the hug and kiss animations? I could do it myself, but I'm lazy. Thanks.
  13. Pretty much. The script Fox used always uses the alias for the actual jarl and not for the AA version. My fix adds in a second dialog line and filters for which version you're talking to: vanilla or AA and only calls the alias for the appropriate one, which is why I included a new script with it.
  14. Gulfwulf

    Advanced Animation Framework

    Hey DK, Danse got some loving from scribe Harding via Flashy's autonomy mod and now he's running around without his power armor. Is there a way, short of making him a companion with AFT, to force him back into it? Thanks. Just an FYI: He did this before we started the ArcJet Systems quest to get the transponder.
  15. Here's a version for the clean/OSA version by request. As before, this may or may not work. AA OSA_Clean.7z