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  1. Well I got some news, I'm getting following messages in log (charactername) part (insert rjw body part here) is broken, resetting.
  2. Actually I didn't, I did use the character editor though. I couldn't use prepare carefully because it was giving me some errors about backpacks while having the nude mod loaded. In fact, I couldn't even change the bodies with it while having the nude bodies enabled. That is why I searched for an alternative and found the character editor mod.
  3. I've had this issue previously, the RJW parts change each surgery as well as on every reload of the characters in character editor mod. Vagina, breast and penis size fluctuate randomly in size and capacity every time I perform a surgery, even if it's unrelated (fixing a gunshot wound for example). Is that supposed to happen or is it a bug?
  4. I have rimjob world along with CSL installed and my newly born children, set to be 14 when they are born, are born with 0 stats even though the settings on CSL mod directly state they will inherit 75% of their parent's stats. Does anyone else have the same issue with those two mods or is it unrelated to them?
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