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  1. i have downloaded the physics version but in game, theres no physics
  2. not a bad outfit, but cant wear shoes with this armor on though, shame
  3. Seems like im with the ones who cant get this mod to work. I dont have mods like SL adventure /body search/ sl dialogue or sexiest guard , but i think i have the sl aroused extend and the one required by the mod.. maybe this is the reason why its not working? also the message i got was slhh 3.1 installed, but its 3.2 in MCM menu.. also i believe that i have done the appropriate settings in MCM for HH, but nothing happens even if i just bump people around for a day, the chances are set to high too. i also have RDO aswell, drunk redux, defeat, hentaipregancy pleasure and kidnapped. Load order is set to the second last.. sse btw
  4. uh, it does not happen frequently as it was now, which is good, but if it happens, i will have to exit the game and reopen it in order to solve it
  5. well, i've tired, using a cooking station did not work this time, and i cant get rid of the pot either, does matter how i tried to clike the pot theres no cooking pit shown and type in markfordelete got rid of nothing, or maybe just something idk
  6. oh okay, i've tried that but nothing happens, but its okay now, i deleted the save
  7. it worked,i can attack again but im still stuck, you know how when you scroll the wheel on the mouse the camera will change, i cant, and i'm also having trouble getting rid of the cooking station
  8. thank you very much, i shall try this when i run into this problem again
  9. i got an understanding of how to use it now, but the thing is, the clothing from DD are not showing, expect for some small gears, does that means i have to fix every single clothing with bodyslide?
  10. everytime after sex event happende, i cannot attack, i cannot equip any weapons or spells, and my camera locks, which means i cant zoom in and out in 3rd person, but it appears that other functions are still working. Also, animations never runs smoothly, when events are about to happen, animation takes time to be played, sometimes nothing happens unless i do something, like open menu and close, please assist if possible, thanks
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