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  1. currently working on a mod for the whole guro/snuff thing as well as other things will start a patreon if you want to donate to speed up production then donate other wise wait until atleast my prototype if finished.
  2. So yeah I am currently coding on my spare time a mod for people who like, to kill their sims. but not only kill them but in brutal ways. This project is niche but I am working on it, and I may start a patreon for funding to hire people to help with stuff I am not an expert in. As for patreon cc and mods, I am against it really so pretty much I will just be using patreon as more of a donation thing than a real exclusive tier rewards system. That way even if your a poorfag but still like my work you can enjoy it. Tiers will only be one and reasonably pri
  3. wait isn't that the fucking kiddie diddler mod? why the fuck do you have a mod that fucking allows that?
  4. im sorry but while i get the idea of having a patreon, its just down right greedy to lol put fucking adfly links to downloads, its turns off people that would otherwise donate via patreon to then put a fucking ad fly link to a download, its like why would I pay a creator that can't even make their downloads less headache inducing to download?
  5. im currently coding a mod for pet sex, well um i guess im evil so i added to the female horse fucking animation a 25 percent chance of dying by being trampled and the male a 25 percent chance of dying by being kicked in the face, these are coming with animation variants and it all depends on relationship with the horse as well unicorns 100 percent kicking you in the face or trampling if you molest them. yes you will get your pet sex degenerates but after watching a kero the wolf documentary, I feel that in certain instances your sims should be punished for trying to diddle your horses. f
  6. I would've just found a similar mesh, open adobe Photoshop and call it a day tbh. but I am still stuck on sims 2 mesh recoloring.
  7. some random pics these are my 2 favorite sims I just love shipping them together.
  8. my themed set my emperor sim got 2 new concubines from the joseon dynasty he's quite partial to these types and their twins so he had to have both at the same time. so he can go fuck his favored consort.
  9. I tried installing passion but it wont show up in game other than letting me change clothes. I have nraas whoohooer and master controller and story progression as well as vector installed but passion wont show up graphical rtc does, and seems to run well with whoohooer but god damn it I want passion to run as well but the same 3 positions get boring after awhile, any helpl?
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