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  1. sorry both, was annoyed at my game, with mods removed.
  2. I used to before the freaking update had up to 25 gb of cc with ten mods, and be able to run that bitch for like days, but because of the cottage living update, my game refuses to run even for ten minutes.
  3. yes I ran game repair yes I deleted local thumb cache yes I checked my mods to see if any conflict, and are up to date/
  4. I just cant do it, it fucking crashes even with mods, and I have a high end gaming laptop, I just cant do it. not only that but between ea and the cc creators I am getting wallet raped to oblivion, it was fun while it lastes but I just cant anymore, my patience has run thin, I am only gonna go ahead and work on mods only for the sims 2 and sims 3, I might make a ww for the sims 2 to update jokers wild cc. it was fun while it lasted peace.
  5. any just generic sims 4 anime skins for my ocs?
  6. I have a fetish for being a literal human cow, and I am tired of just animations, is there any mods out there that literally has human breast milk consumables that a sim can produce? my sims self wants to be a human cow
  7. this isnt though saying playting grand theft auto that leads to irl car jackings, this is saying that playing pedo mods means either your attracted to kiddies, or have diddled kids. Idk about you and your level of tolerance for out right degeneracy, but when people hear kids+sex you get a normal guttaral response of disgust, something that lets you subconsciously know its wrong. and the people that are making said pedo mods have openly bragged about being pedos, targeting kids with little to no shame. Shit even mts was founded by a pedo and do you remember the boy love mod from the sims 3 where they tried to make romantic options open between sim adults and kids? I literally wrote a fucking thesis on all the wonderful threads talking about fucking kids that followed. I am normally of little to no policing, but I personally feel if you don't have a problem with people making mods to fuck kids, that speaks more about you than the mod makers themselves, its wrong to diddle kids irl, its triggering to actual csa abuse survivors, and there's no legit reason other than to satisfy the perverted desires of some ViRteRoUs PeDoPhiLe who thinks that they just havent a diddled a kid irl (yet) and keep their fucked up fetishes to mods in games make them so much better, instead of getting actual help. You know in real therapy when it comes to the treatment of sex offenders that their treatments consist on avoiding harmful behaviors that can lead to actual harm of kids right? I don't think any actual therapist would even allow the usage of said mods in video games. but if you fail to realize that, thats your problem not mine, theres a point mod makers shouldnt cross and I think drawing line at literal kiddie diddling and animal raping is generous enough given how other content exists.
  8. well is it? its the only reason why I play the sims 4 the sex mods.
  9. Okay starting this thread for a lets play/ slash story. Basicallly starting this thread so I have a place holder.
  10. is it really unrealistic outrage when were talking about a pedo mod? I mean truthfully this isn't like some furry mod, or some shit. I really hate necroing threads, but this just irks me, yes ea will probably do jack shit about it, but even still allowing a mod like that to exist says more about the community than it does ea. truthfully instead of ban hammering accounts ea should just code the sims 4 like the sims 3 when the child love mod was released that you get error codes, and make so the game can literally not have a romance system with sims younger than teens. thats more feasible than banning accounts as the game would literally not have the functionality to allow you boink sim kids. I personally got offended because as a csa victim, I know just consuming content even if legal is one step closer to actually diddling kids. The fact is you can call me a moral busy body, but the people who create stuff like that, and play stuff like that are just one inch closer to actually offending in irl. this isnt like bdsm, or wanting to fuck andromorphic animals, this is something that happens in real life and has been proven that indulging in that kind of desire is destructive. I am not even personally keen on the mods allowing actual animal functionality like pets, as for furry shit I know thats harmless because cartoon andromorphic animals with human personalities don't exist but people who like to torture puppies to death do. See woof and the zoophile logs, and its a stepping stone to harming actual people irl. I think thats what people dont realize when it comes to the whole moral pearl clutching, that the people who use these kinds of mods have an irl desire to engage in that behavior, and are using the mods to indulge in irl desires. Some probably already have. its not wrong to be offended over that, its not a puritan stand point to say that maybe coding such features in the game is too much.
  11. 25 gb clothes hair animations sex toys, I like diversity in my game.
  12. I keep trying to download it off ts4 rebels, but no luck so I am wondering does anyone here have a copy of fendudus traditional chinese ghost cas set, you know the one off her patreon behind a paywalll for 2 years will trade a copy of laamz huahime set for it. also to any of you fuckers gonna neg me for piracy ea states you can only pay wall shit up to two weeks, and the suit I am talking about has been paywalled 2019.
  13. yeah i didnt update my mod in a month still works check the age of your mods tooo
  14. can you make a kero version I don't need the penis bit, but I need a punching bag for my test mods, and who to better punch than kero?
  15. currently working on a mod for the whole guro/snuff thing as well as other things will start a patreon if you want to donate to speed up production then donate other wise wait until atleast my prototype if finished.
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