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  1. Actually I was able to fix this by making Buffout 4 work properly by editing xSE PluginPreloader F4's xSE PluginPreloader.xml
  2. I've followed all of the AAF guide but for some reason it simply won't work. The AAF menu appears but any of the animations won't work. I could open Admin and all I see are warnings that the esp animations are not activated and are being removed even though they are enabled in Mod Manager. I also can't scroll through the Admin menu. Trying New Scene will only attempt to load something but nothing happens after. Any ideas?
  3. Thanks that gave me hope. this is probably one of the few mods that i actually like that adds gameplay. I kinda think that prostitution is too OP though. Maybe a way to adjust the income since you could easily become a millionaire after a few days haha
  4. Will the mod ever be updated again? There's just so many things that the mod can improve upon.
  5. As much as I love enslaving characters I was wondering if there are any custom settlement mods that doesn't affect the vanilla settlements and areas in the game so that I could send my slaves there. Something similar to maybe a bunker or interior settlement. Any ideas?
  6. Weird. It's a new mod that I was following but then it suddenly disappeared.
  7. This is great with some problems still present. It would be nicer if it's a slave bunker or hatch to make the location inconspicuous to avoid messing up with the wasteland I think. Kinda like similar to the New Vegas slave hatch mod or maybe like the Mechanist's Lair. It's nice to see someone adding things for the Just Business mod.
  8. I'd be interested if animations can be done with Blender.
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