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  1. no i don't use Unique Player since i heard it can conflict with some mods, the other mods i have are only bug fix or new clothes/weapons. and yes my character is still human since i can't use the terminal at the entrance Edit: Okay, so i went into reinstalling everything i had in my mod folder and it looks like it finally worked ! thanks for answering me and especially sorry for the disturbance ^^"
  2. that's the problem, it only display "Welcome", i don't have anything else it's just empty i can't apply or anything edit: i tried reinstalling the mod and the patch and it's still the same problem sadly
  3. Yes it is fixed, but i have another question, sorry again. How do i become a droid ? because i thought that the terminal where we apply is the one that changes the race and turn us into robots but it seems i still need to already be one before being able to read it. Do i need to use a certain command ? or did i miss something on my way to the theater ?
  4. this mod looks amazing ! still, i think i did something wrong in the installation. Everything is in place inside the theater, but the terminals only displayed "Welcome", except the terminal for the Mainframe. Is it normal ?
  5. ah right, those are probably not the best conditions to work peacefully 😅
  6. is the mod going to be available again ? because the way you described it makes me want to play it so bad 😭 and the idea of playing as a gynoid/sexbot exactly what we needed
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