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  1. How do create a sims female with a penis??

    To give alittle more insight, in CAS. Hit but button under where you choose the sex of your Sim. Hit can this make make others pregnant and does this Sim have a penis or is it pee standing up? I can't remember but you'll find it.
  2. R-lo's Photography Corner

    I have to ask, what stockings are those?
  3. Jens85_WickedJobs

    Have you tried on the computer. Go to Web, click web then watch porn should be there.
  4. More then 160 Trait Fix Download here

    Hi Johnusa, you may need to look at the Bimbo Fuckdoll aspiration again. I'm getting a blank trait in fuckdoll.
  5. Jens85_WickedJobs

    You have to keep going, hit the browse the web tab and you should see watch porn. I just tested it.
  6. More then 160 Trait Fix Download here

    Thanks for trying, much respect for all you've done. Can't win em all.
  7. More then 160 Trait Fix Download here

    Just to piggyback, the Dominant trait seems to be working but the submissive one doesn't.
  8. Purple mannequin?

    I was playing with some underwear settings and now I have a purple mannequin in front of my sims home. Any ideas on how to get rid of it?
  9. WW elders and adults don't get nude

    Solved, newest patreon update fixes this.
  10. I've been reading up and seeing plenty of posts about Sims dressing weird when they need to get nude for me it's adults and elders. I tried the nude outfit reset and it didn't work. Does this fall into the same category that Turbo is looking into?
  11. R-lo's Photography Corner

    I've gotten the same file from there and I've been fine. It's great to be cautious but keep in mind that virus programs can give false positives all the time. But if you're leery, don't do it.
  12. Rhames' The Naughty Help

    This mod has been broken for a few patches now. I don't want to say it's abandoned but it's looking that way.
  13. LunarEclipse's penis rigged

    Sweet, thank you for sharing and you also gave credit and made your OP very well.