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  1. The Afro Samurai

    Maria Gonzales

    I think they are Noir and Dark's.
  2. Do you need to still use blender 2.70a or can you use the latest version?
  3. The Afro Samurai

    JoshQ Heels Convertion to Sims 4

    I don't think anyone has done it. Wish he played Sims 4, miss his work.
  4. The Afro Samurai

    more spanking animations

    Maybe a spanking animation with stages is way harder than sexual ones and that's why we only get a tease at it and that's it ? Granted, there's a pinned topic on getting started making animations but if it was so easy to learn and do, everyone that had the time would do it themselves and there'd be minimal support on the patreon pages right??
  5. The Afro Samurai

    more spanking animations

    There's not many and I really thought we'd have a lot more deviancy in the game by now. For whatever reason the people that do the animations don't go in that direction. I think there's a demand for it and worth a discussion but I can see this thread getting derailed with tons of comments like " download blender and do it yourself ". JMO but things have gotten rather stale for Sims to me and I've only been casual about it lately. Someone did do one on a chair and a couple in stocks but that's about it.
  6. The Afro Samurai

    Been away and getting back into modding Skyrim

    Okay sounds good, that sucks though, I thought the new windows 10 patch would work better with ENBs instead of crushing your GPU.
  7. I've been away for quite some time and I'm feeling itchy to getting back into Skyrim. I've just started research and I have a questions. I see that SKSE is out for SE and things are being converted. Should I wait until more mods get caught up and mess around with SE or should I just mod Oldrim? In the Oldrim does the windows 10 update help in running out of Vram? I see that Vortex is being worked on but is MO still a good choice to use? Thanks for and info and answers.
  8. The Afro Samurai

    How do create a sims female with a penis??

    To give alittle more insight, in CAS. Hit but button under where you choose the sex of your Sim. Hit can this make make others pregnant and does this Sim have a penis or is it pee standing up? I can't remember but you'll find it.
  9. The Afro Samurai


    Have you tried on the computer. Go to Web, click web then watch porn should be there.
  10. The Afro Samurai

    More then 160 Trait Fix Download here

    Hi Johnusa, you may need to look at the Bimbo Fuckdoll aspiration again. I'm getting a blank trait in fuckdoll.
  11. The Afro Samurai


    You have to keep going, hit the browse the web tab and you should see watch porn. I just tested it.
  12. The Afro Samurai

    More then 160 Trait Fix Download here

    Thanks for trying, much respect for all you've done. Can't win em all.
  13. The Afro Samurai

    More then 160 Trait Fix Download here

    Okay, will do.
  14. The Afro Samurai

    More then 160 Trait Fix Download here

    Just to piggyback, the Dominant trait seems to be working but the submissive one doesn't.