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  1. Just A Gamer

    [SIMS4] YrSa Animations

    Ok, is it a patreon or personal exclusive? I don't see it on here anywhere.
  2. Just A Gamer

    [SIMS4] YrSa Animations

    On your ass spanking on sofa where did you get the BDSM back tattoo? I know you made one for the chest.
  3. Just A Gamer

    Update Coming please prep

    It's happening anyway, I guess I was just wasting my time today...
  4. Sims 4 is not a final game like Sims 3. With each update there is the potential to break mods and any custom CC. When pets dropped a lot of people lost saves, etc. Here is what to do until mods gets updated. 1) Go into Origin > Application Settings > Turn off automatic game updates 2) Back up your Sims Documents folder. Go to My Documents > Electronic Arts > Sims 4 , put that entire folder on a spare hard drive or thumb drive. thumb drives have dropped in price. 3) Follow you mod creators for updates. When pets came out we had pages and pages of threads saying Wicked Whims isn't working without anyone taking time to read anything and just making new threads. Basemental has stated he expects his mod to get broken, MC Command Center has stated back up your game. 4) If you want to play a modded game, then there's protocols you need to follow as the game gets updated until the updates stop. I hope this isn't as destructive as Pets but you never know.
  5. Just A Gamer

    Request/WCIF Slave Career

    Considering we do have BDSM elements in objects and some animations it would be nice. I don't know much about creating a career. There has been a mistress career made but it's a rabbit hole one from what I've tested. Update: I'm looking into it but I have no idea what I'm doing so don't hold you breath.
  6. Just A Gamer

    The general WIP thread for animators.

    Ok, I got that one just trying to figure this all out.
  7. Just A Gamer

    The general WIP thread for animators.

    I've bookmarked this thread as I've decided to give this a shot as well. There are various rigs, is there one that any of you recommend over the other and why?
  8. Just A Gamer

    Nisa’s Wicked Perversions

    Just asking, when we update do we keep the broken libido script? Or do we replace it with the new one?
  9. Just A Gamer

    Maria Gonzales

    I think they are Noir and Dark's.
  10. Do you need to still use blender 2.70a or can you use the latest version?
  11. Just A Gamer

    JoshQ Heels Convertion to Sims 4

    I don't think anyone has done it. Wish he played Sims 4, miss his work.
  12. Just A Gamer

    more spanking animations

    Maybe a spanking animation with stages is way harder than sexual ones and that's why we only get a tease at it and that's it ? Granted, there's a pinned topic on getting started making animations but if it was so easy to learn and do, everyone that had the time would do it themselves and there'd be minimal support on the patreon pages right??
  13. Just A Gamer

    more spanking animations

    There's not many and I really thought we'd have a lot more deviancy in the game by now. For whatever reason the people that do the animations don't go in that direction. I think there's a demand for it and worth a discussion but I can see this thread getting derailed with tons of comments like " download blender and do it yourself ". JMO but things have gotten rather stale for Sims to me and I've only been casual about it lately. Someone did do one on a chair and a couple in stocks but that's about it.
  14. Okay sounds good, that sucks though, I thought the new windows 10 patch would work better with ENBs instead of crushing your GPU.