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  1. Any chance of getting compatibility betweet this and Immersive Hud?
  2. First recommendation, don’t use Vortex. That “Mod Manager” is an abomination that should not have ever existed. Use Mod Organizer 2 instead. As for the guide, I doubt anyone can give you a step by step because everyone has their own kinks so everything is subjective. However, I can give you a good baseline content guide that you can add on to and change to your liking: LadyLexy’s LOTD Guide SE
  3. I dunno what Kokan is saying. UUNP 3BBB is still available on BakaFactory's Patreon (unless Kokan is talking about a download location not authorized by the creator). You might have to be a patreon to download but I don't think you need one of the expensive subscriptions (I have the $30 one to be able to make requests as well as download everything they have available) Link to the Patreon page for UUNP 3BBB- https://www.patreon.com/posts/uunp-3bbb-vagina-29763602
  4. So, with the latest version of succubus heart (that is available to download) It mostly works except for two parts for me. 1) Much like others, the Combat Seduction does not seem to be working for me. If I enable it on it's own. Either I kill the mob (even when they are much higher level than me) or they kill me even when our healths are at the threshold for an extended period of time (say, 5 seconds or so). Death override mode works fine however. 2) For whatever reason, Death Drops are not working even though it is enabled in the MCM and has been since I started up the mod in my game. I
  5. so quick question. Will the work with the SSE version of PlayerSuccubusQuest? I love the way you tweaked it and set it up
  6. You do not need the files from oldrim, and as for new game, I do not believe so.
  7. Ok, here you go. Simply download and install Apropos 2 as you normally would and replace a specific script with the one you download from this post: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/94228-sse-conversion-tracking-jun-28-3676/?do=findComment&comment=2522855 the scripts are named the same (make sure you don’t have file extensions hidden) so it should be easy to simply copy/paste it!
  8. Someone has already done this with a bit of a DIY thrown in there. Hold on, let me find you the link.
  9. I use both of them and they can be used at the same time. Succubus Heart is closer to the Skyrim Experience Mod from Oldrim in functionality, whereas Player Succubus Quest does more gameplay changes.
  10. http://www.mediafire.com/file/hbk3oddq3q1yqxr/SMP_dll_1_5_73%28updated%29_SSE.7z/file Gromilla has most of this stuff for many versions of skyrim. I would go to him first.
  11. I agree with DAWAY6... I was in the middle of installing my mod setup for Skyrim SE when it updated. I was installing for v. 1.5.73 and now the previous version of Schlongs of Skyrim is no longer available. I won't update my game to the next version of Bethesda's crapware at least for a while so it would be nice if I could get the previous version.
  12. So, I have been lurking in the Lab for a while and was just browsing through the share you sex screen shots for Skyrim when I noticed a poster named Realclone that had some amazing physics for his character. After asking what they were and how to get them, I recieved a rather unhelpful response about it being SMP physics and the body having three new chest bones. I had no idea what to look for at the time so I ended up just leaving it be and moving on with my life. Fast forward a few months and as I was browsing again, I found a link in a different sex screenshots thread leading to http://www.
  13. Anyone know how to get this bag from the mod without the ridiculous amounts of animations (that I honestly don't want) that comes with the full mod? I like the idea and the functionality of the bag, however there are a lot of animations included in the full mod that I would not use and don't want because that will make less SexLab animations I can have.
  14. Inflation Framework does work in SE I have been using it with no problems for quite a while now.
  15. I am using the Oldrim UUNP body because most of the new armors that come out have a UUNP conversion somewhere. Google is your best friend and I am pretty sure you can find your favorite UNP body type with it.
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