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  1. You should post that question in the support thread for the Toys mod. The description for the Toys mod does provide some background on this.
  2. For comparison, I use the latest standard XPMSSE 4.80 and a standard height 1.0 Nord female. I see a little bit of clipping from the top dildo through her back. And of course, I also see the periodic pauses, as I have mentioned before.
  3. What does Toys do if Dripping while Aroused is installed?
  4. Excellent news! I have been waiting for ages to play SLaV on Skyrim SE.
  5. I agree that is a good place to put the dead body, because it is away from the areas that other mods change, such as ASLAL and DCL. The map marker pointed to the cave exit for me. For my testing, I used the ASLAL "Camping in the woods" start, which places you very close to the Helgen cave exit, and the map marker conveniently pointed to the cave exit.
  6. As I mentioned in my post that you quoted, this mod does not include any body, meshes, or textures itself. If you discover mismatched hands or feet, that would be a problem with your load order, not because of this mod.
  7. Yes, that is the same screen freezing that I encountered during that phasing stone event.
  8. Good news: As far as I can tell, there is no need to convert anything. It is all working okay as is. I am using the Skyrim SE UUNP version and I built for UNPB specifically. I use CBPC for body physics and HDT-SMP for cloth and hair physics. I tried almost all the toys, and they all worked okay with appropriate physics and little or no clipping. Specific things I tested: Anal plug with bell on a chain worked okay. (It must be using HDT-SMP like the equivalent item in DD.) Nipple accessories bounced in conjunction with breasts, as expected.
  9. Use a follower framework such as NFF, EFF, or AFT and adjust the follower's attributes and combat behavior.
  10. POP does not have any NPCs who are a Forman or Foreman. That NPC must be from another mod. Here is a screenshot of SSEEdit listing all the NPCs added by POP.
  11. @Moacir Jr I provided the following troubleshooting advice in post #73. The highlighted yellow part may apply to your problem. Known Issues When your player character is sent to Slaves of Tamriel, the Slaves of Tamriel MCM Slave Settings are reset, meaning that those settings are lost that you may have entered before being enslaved. After the branding scene, there is a fade to black. Your character is supposed to wake up lying on the ground. That only works about 10% of the time in my testing. Most of the time, your character is standing, which makes the sub
  12. Here is a patch that just fixes those 3 typos in the FNIS_Toys_List.txt file. With this patch, now FNIS shows zero consistence issues. ToysFNISTypoPatch.zip
  13. @VirginMarie I believe there are 3 typos in the FNIS_Toys_List.txt file. Here is an excerpt from the FNIS_Toys_List.txt file lines 79-82. The \Sexlab\ folder reference must be corrected to refer to the \SexlabAP\ folder. Thanks! '.......... Exhuasted s ToysAP_FaceDown_A1_S1 ..\Sexlab\AP_FaceDown_A1_S1.hkx + ToysAP_FaceDown_A1_S4 ..\Sexlab\AP_FaceDown_A1_S4.hkx + ToysAP_FaceDown_A1_S5 ..\Sexlab\AP_FaceDown_A1_S5.hkx
  14. Yes, that is intentional. The NPCs are configured to be cowardly in combat. From an immersion point of view, that is how they got captured in the first place, right? From a technical point of view, I wanted to ensure that the NPCs did not join you in fighting their captors. The whole point is for the player to rescue them, if you want to. You can use a follower framework mod such as NFF, EFF, or AFT to change their combat behavior if you want a different behavior after recruiting them. Yes, similarly to the combat behavior issue, you can use
  15. FNIS says the following about Toys when doing the Consistence Check. I am using the SE version. Missing AnimFile ..\Sexlab\AP_FaceDown_A1_S1.hkx for character, mod Toys Missing AnimFile ..\Sexlab\AP_FaceDown_A1_S4.hkx for character, mod Toys Missing AnimFile ..\Sexlab\AP_FaceDown_A1_S5.hkx for character, mod Toys 3 possible consistence issues
  16. I am planning to try the new SE version. The LE page says that HDT is used by the LE version. I'm curious about the physics requirements for the SE version. Does the SE version of this mod use SMP for chain physics?
  17. @zarantha I downloaded and installed DD 5.1 and compared it to DD 5.0 plus your 5.1 delta patch. I installed the UUNP version in the FOMOD. It seems like DD 5.1 is missing several Bodyslide files that were included with DD 5.0. Some files are different, which is to be expected. The missing files seem like a problem. The files are mostly related to the Heretical restraints and piercings.
  18. Thank you for reporting your problem and solution! Hopefully this information will benefit other folks.
  19. This mod uses your default skeleton and female body, and uses the ARMA (armature) records from Devious Devices. This mod does not include any body, meshes, or textures itself. If the NPCs are missing feet in your game, then something must have gone wrong with your Devious Devices installation. Perhaps you chose the wrong body during your install of Devious Devices? (Meaning you chose CBBE but actually have UUNP, or vice-versa.) Or maybe some other problem?
  20. Wow, so much negativity packed into one post! The most recent version of POP, which is POP 4.61, works with DD 4.x and later, and certainly does not require DD 5.1 and does not use any DD 5.x furniture. POP uses Zaz furniture. I think it is great that @HexBolt8 keeps adding new events to SubLola. That keeps the mod fresh and interesting for new playthroughs. I really appreciate @Lupine00 working hard to fix many of the longstanding problems in DF that were left over from the previous mod author/c
  21. I could be wrong, but I think the Sexlab MCM "Toggle Animations" page only refers to the built-in animations included with Sexlab,
  22. Are you playing Skyrim LE or SE? I have all the Zap animations enabled, and I have not seen this problem occur on SE. It is true that the Zap animations are unpolished by today's standards, so you might want to disable them for that reason.
  23. The special event happens once, randomly, when you are outdoors but inside a walled city.
  24. Well, I consider Sexlab Survival and Spank That Ass to be essential mods, so my vote is definitely for step 1, not for the retire option. @Monoman1 You are doing the work of the Divines (and probably several Daedric princes too). Please keep going!
  25. Some possibilities... You can turn off weapon and/or armor licenses in the MCM. You can purchase a weapon license or armor license before crafting those kinds of items. You can turn off enforcers in the MCM.
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