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  1. Very common occurrence for software that the problem resolves itself as soon as the user talks to the developer. 😉
  2. I highly recommend both Apropos2 and the Apropos2 Text DB Update. They are Skyrim LE mods but I use them successfully on Skyrim SE. You do need Pfiffy's .pex file script patch for SE. In addition to the Sexlab sex scene comments, Apropos2 also adds a nifty Wear and Tear system. Pfiffy's SE patch for Apropos2: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/94228-sse-conversion-tracking-dec-13-5908/?do=findComment&comment=2522855 Apropos2 Text DB Update: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/10343-apropos2-text-db-update/
  3. Thank you very much for coming back and posting the solution for your reported problem! It is really helpful for the community when folks come back to the support thread and tell everyone how they fixed the problem.
  4. I am also curious about this. I normally use JK Skyrim, but I made a new MO2 profile without it so that I could try DCL 9.
  5. The same is true for me, with the caveat that I play Skyrim SE.
  6. Sexlab SE has an MCM option on the Animation Settings page to "Clear high heels height". I always check that option, and it works to align the actors in the sex scene.
  7. I published Version 3 of KSHair for The Ancient Profession, which adds head meshes for 3 new NPCs included with The Ancient Profession ALPHA 21Mar2021 0.6
  8. Just wanted to add my viewpoint -- I really liked the Bound In Skyrim quest that chained all the separate DCL quests together. It was quite tedious to struggle out of the ropes during Learning the Ropes, and I always have to cheese my way through the dungeon at the end of the Cursed Collar quest, but those issues are unrelated to Bound In Skyrim, which I think is a very nice improvement in DCL 9.
  9. POP 4.61 goes with DDE 4.61 and they both require SUM 1.61. I provided the SE ports to @Inte and I verified that the SE versions of all 3 mods (POP 4.61, DDE 4.61, SUM 1..61) work together successfully. I do not run the LE versions, but I believe that the LE versions also work together successfully. If you are getting that kind of version incompatibility message, then my best guess is that something went wrong when you installed the mods. You should probably remove all 3 of them and re-install them.
  10. What issues does Devious Cidhna have with DD5 ? I have both in my load order right now. I haven't noticed problems, but I haven't been looking for problems either.
  11. It is possible that you have another mod in your load order that conflicts with this mod. Have you tried creating a new MO2 profile that contains only this mod and its prerequisites? If this mod works for you in a minimal profile, then you can slowly add your other mods into the profile until you discover the conflicting mod. Hope that helps!
  12. This system makes sense when the follower wants to trick a reluctant player into deals. This system is frustrating and very time consuming when the player wants to select a specific set of deals and stages immediately after recruiting the devious follower. I would greatly appreciate an MCM option to turn off the fallback time extension deals.
  13. My understanding is that the quest advances when you take the gold from the boss chest.
  14. As a workaround, I have been clicking my profile picture in the upper left corner of the web page, choosing Managed Followed Content from the drop-down list, and then looking through the list for bold titles, which indicate unread posts. I hope that @Ashal is aware of the issue with the site. EDIT - March 22, 2021 - Yay! Seems like notifications are working again.
  15. I have not heard that before. Can you provide a link to some reference saying that?
  16. You must have a city guard in your crosshair when you go into the MCM and trigger an arrest. If you do not have a city guard in your crosshair then you will get that error message.
  17. My understanding is that is the end of the quest chain for now, but @Kimy plans to add more in the future.
  18. @Monoman1 I checked 0.644 beta SL Survival.esp with SSEEdit. I saw a new issue that I have not seen before when checking the esp in the past. Do I need to worry about this? [00:00] Checking for Errors in [53] SL Survival.esp [00:01] _SLS_BikBreakTawobaDwarvenGloves "Break Dwarven Gloves To Bikini" [MISC:53108B4B] [00:01] MISC \ VMAD - Virtual Machine Adapter \ Scripts \ Script \ Properties \ Property \ Value \ Object Union \ Object v2 \ FormID -> [53108B49] < Error: Could not be resolved > EDIT: I looked at the other similar records,
  19. @Monoman1 I tried to download the 0.642 beta file and LL is saying that the file is unavailable. EDIT: I guess I was trying to download it just as you were updating it. I was able to successfully download the 0.644 beta file.
  20. This mod provides another prisoner for the cage events that occur in Jarl palaces/longhouses and Jorrvaskr. The other prisoner abuses the player character, and follower if present. Deviously Cursed Loot 9.0 adds a new women's prison with other female NPC prisoners and also adds a new inn to Riverwood with many chained up female NPCs.
  21. That was a great write up! I agree with all your technical points.
  22. I checked several of the topics that I follow and I see that new posts were made during the past few hours, but I did not get notifications for them. Is this problem happening for anyone else?
  23. I experienced no issues from having both DD SE 5.1 and Toys SE installed at the same time.
  24. I am a long time DD user. I started using DD with 4.0 (maybe?) and I am currently using DD 5.1 on Skyrim SE. I think that DD and DCL are both amazing. I recently tried out the Toys SE beta and the Toy Story quest mod that uses Toys on Skyrim SE, and I was impressed. I do not claim to speak for @Kimy the mod author of DD and DCL, and I do not claim to speak for @VirginMarie the mod author of Toys and Toy Story. My opinion is that the DD framework and the Toys framework have different goals. I do not see them as competitors, in the same way that I
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