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  1. That seems to be an exclusively SE abnormality*. Your sleep/wait popup box is supposed to be forcefully closed not allowing you to sleep/wait. You should only be able to sleep once after every 'punishment' in cell. *- I cannot test or confirm this as I do not use SE, perhaps @Herowynne can confirm it? I do not see that behavior. Waiting or sleeping in the cell typically works okay for me, meaning I am not prevented from waiting or sleeping. What is new to me is the info from @Inte about the details of what is considered violent crime. I pro
  2. Well, I was not trying to be mean to folks that don’t use SLS, but I admit that I am a huge fan of SLS and I have a keen desire for SLS development to continue as smoothly as possible.
  3. I'm reluctant to ask, but here goes... Maybe sometime in the future freeze the standalone STA, leaving it as-is for users who don't want SLS, merge the STA functionality back into SLS, and only improve the combined mod going forward? That would benefit users who use both STA and SLS -- we could reduce our ESP count by 1.
  4. I do not use any lighting mods or ELFX. That is just plain Skyrim SE lighting. That is not expected. I tested getting arrested in Windhelm only once -- the in-cell punishment and the caged event in the palace dining area all worked okay for me.
  5. I switched to my vanilla profile in MO2 and compared it to my normal profile that contains POP. To summarize, POP makes a few minor changes to the vanilla part of Windhelm prison, such as adding some extra bondage furniture, but POP also adds a whole new section to the Windhelm prison. The POP scenes take place in the new section of Windhelm prison. Your screenshots look like they are from the new section of the prison that is added by POP, so that appears to be working as expected. Comparison between vanilla and POP of the corridor leading to the Windhelm p
  6. That is not the expected behavior. I don't think that POP changes the shape of the Windhelm prison. Maybe post a screenshot and I can compare with my game?
  7. I believe that it is intentional for hardcore mode to turn on when you are arrested. Here is what @Inte has said in the past about this topic:
  8. That sounds unfortunate. As a counter-example, I have been using Zaz8 on Skyrim SE for almost 3 years without problems.
  9. There is a huge 250+ page thread about using HDT-SMP with Skyrim SE. In that thread, I posted my solution that I use in my own game for UNPB body + CBPC for body physics + HDT-SMP for apparel and hair physics.
  10. I don't know what that is. It is a Skyrim SE mod that changes the appearance of the interior of Dragonsreach: JK's Dragonsreach at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus
  11. I play on Skyrim SE. In my main MO2 profile, which is very stable, I use Sexlab Survival with DD 5.1, More Nasty Critters, Horny Creatures, Animal SOS, SlaveTats, FadeTats, RapeTats, Apropos2, Fill Her Up, Dripping When Aroused, Sexlab Defeat, Devious Followers Continued (DFC), Spank That Ass, Sexlab Separate Orgasm (SLSO), Prison Overhaul Patched (POP), Simple Slavery++, Devious Cidhna, Submissive Lola, Laura's Bondage Shop, Captured Dreams, SLUTS Resume, and The Ancient Profession (for prostitution). I have s separate MO2 profile for Slaverun, and another separate pro
  12. @Lupine00 This would be very helpful. At the present time, DFC's NPC edits need patching to work with many other NPC appearance changing mods. It would be great to avoid the need for such patches!
  13. You are welcome. I provide the Simple Slavery++ conversion for Skyrim SE to @HexBolt8 so that is a necessary part of my testing.
  14. Not sure what you mean by "least hassle". I have tested Simple Slavery++ with the following mods on Skyrim SE: Submissive Lola. Works on both LE and SE. You have to choose which SubLola master you want before getting enslaved. Devious Followers Continued (DFC) with my own conversion of DFC to SE. This enslavement works automatically with no prior choice needed. SLUTS Resume. It works, but initiating the enslavement part is a bit clunky -- the guard leads you to the carriage driver, and things can go awry along the way. Devious Cidhna with all 3 options: pi
  15. I did it by just repeating the Struggle over and over again. I have my DD difficulty set to the easiest setting, and it took about half an hour maybe? Maybe 20 or 30 tries?
  16. To clarify -- DD Equip is optional, not mandatory, for Prison Overhaul Patched (POP). You only need DD Equip in conjunction with POP if you want POP to add DD items to the player. I normally run POP without DD Equip. I only use DD Equip with POP when I am testing new SE versions before I give them to @Inte
  17. I just downloaded 2-13-5-20210329 and I will test the potion quest. @Lupine00 what do you mean by "female potion-partner" ? Do you mean the improvements apply to a female player character, or to a female devious follower, or to the combination of both female player and female devious follower?
  18. I have been using SLS for a over a year and I have not seen those symptoms. What troubleshooting have you done already? What leads you to believe that SLS is responsible for these crashes?
  19. I'll take a look at those. There are probably more in the beta. I always forget some. @Monoman1 I also suspect that the Daydream Arousal setting is not saved on export. I cannot find that setting in the output JSON file.
  20. That sounds like the Daydreaming feature of Sexlab Survival. You can turn off that feature in Sexlab Survival's MCM if you do not want it: MCM -> Sexlab Survival -> Cum page -> Daydreaming section.
  21. I have played it a couple times recently. @Lupine00 Is it completely forbidden to discuss the details of the potion quest in this support thread? Or is it okay to discuss the details if the poster wraps them in a spoiler tag?
  22. The SE version of Simple Slavery++ is provided from the main mod page, and the download file contains the suffix "[SE]" in the filename. For example, the current SE version filename is Simple Slavery Plus Plus 6.3.9 [SE].zip EDIT: Sorry, I apparently misunderstood your question.
  23. I agree. I also use the export/import settings and almost all settings are transferred. I'm aware of only two settings that don't transfer properly: Snowberry Start, and Creature Content. (You have to toggle Creature Content off and on after import.)
  24. I agree completely. ESP slots is a very strong argument for keeping all of the SLS features together in a single mod. On a personal level, for folks like me who convert SLS myself for Skyrim SE whenever @Monoman1 provides a new version -- I prefer having to convert one mod for Skyrim SE rather than having to convert several mods.
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