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  1. Sorry, I do not have control of the main mod page. Only @Inte does. However, I did mention this in my post of the SUM 1.61 SE release notes.
  2. My understanding (which may be wrong) is that you can only get one of them -- so you have to choose which one will be your follower and slave master. You start their quest by talking to one of them in the Bannered Mare in Whiterun. It's been a while since I did that quest, but my recollection is that the first item is a random drop, but you can go into DCL's MCM and set all the other possible Cursed Loot events to have a zero chance and also specify the maximum chance for the Rubber Doll quest. Then it should start relatively soon, as you open loot chests, etc.
  3. With that phrase, I believe @bubba999 meant that they deleted the BSA but kept the files they extracted from the BSA. No, I don't think you need to open each file and resave it.
  4. The UIE patch is included in the SE version.
  5. I tested the Female Sultry voice pack for DFC and it is wonderful! It is so nice to finally hear the Devious Follower speak their lines! Outstanding work @finalfrog !
  6. Thank you for the info. I used the Add/Remove option in SlaveTats and Sluts 1.20 now applies the tats for me. After researching how SlaveTats stores its cache, I now realize that my previous understanding was completely incorrect. I said this and it is all wrong: I discovered, much to my surprise, that SlaveTats stores its cache file outside the Skyrim Data directory! SlaveTats stores its cache of installed tats in a file named slavetats_cache.json that is located in the Skyrim game directory rather than the Data directory. Becau
  7. Because the slavetats_cache.json file is stored outside the Data directory, then MO2 does not manage the file, and the same file is used for all your MO2 profiles, which is really bad. @murfk Can SlaveTats be changed to store the slavetats_cache.json file in the Data directory, so that MO2 can manage the file on a per-profile basis? EDIT: I tried this myself with SlaveTats 1.3.6 SE and it appears to work. I changed SlaveTats.psc in the two places that it refers to slavetats_cache.json then I recompiled the .psc file and made a small patch containing just the modified .p
  8. Yes, I am using SlaveTats 1.3.6 SE (2021-04-15) No, I did not. Not for Sluts 1.19 B4 and not for Sluts 1.20. I started a new game for both of these test runs, and that option is typically only needed when adding a tat package to an existing game. Using that option is not needed when starting a new game with Sluts 1.19 B4. Is that option needed when starting a new game with Sluts 1.20? Please keep in mind that Sluts 1.19 B4 is working perfectly with SlaveTats for me. Sluts 1.20 is not working with SlaveTats for me.
  9. @Lupine00 can correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is that DFC imposes the following requirements: You must place the meshes (.nif files) in the directory that DFC expects. The meshes must have the specific file names that DFC expects. The meshes must specify body slot 32 in their dismemberment info. There is no light/heavy armor info associated with meshes as .nif files. The light/heavy armor attribute is specified in the ARMO record in the ESP. Therefore, whatever light/heavy armor rating those meshes were originally associated with is no
  10. @Scrab I'm sorry to report that something broke with SlaveTats integration with Sluts 1.20. Sluts 1.19 B4 integration with SlaveTats worked perfectly for me. The tats are applied when beginning a haul. With Sluts 1.20, the tats are not applied at the beginning of a haul. I just tested this with two new separate MO2 profiles side-by-side -- one MO2 profile with Sluts 1.19 B4 and the other MO2 profile with Sluts 1.20. Began a new game with Alternate Start in each MO2 profile and and did the exact same steps to start the game, go to a carriage drive
  11. Thanks for the explanation! I have seen this behavior but never understood why it occurred.
  12. I play on SE. I have always used RDO since before I began using SubLola. I have played SubLola on many playthroughs with a variety of different SubLola masters, and I have never encountered any issues that would seem to be related to RDO.
  13. This is remarkable. Are you taking requests? If so, FemaleSultry would be great to have.
  14. @Lupine00 Can you please describe the interaction with the SLS whore license? Thanks!
  15. Yes, my understanding is that using RaceMenu overlays directly should be significantly faster than using SlaveTats. (Please note that I'm not criticizing SlaveTats.) I use this mod and it is very fast: RaceMenu - Animated Overlays https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/37275
  16. This mod provides clothing and underwear as RaceMenu overlays. I have not tried it myself. Beauti-Full Clothing Bodypaints - RaceMenu Overlays for Body Feet and Hands LE: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/93508 SE: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/20445
  17. I included the CD patch in the official SE conversion of DDE 4.61. You don’t need to install the CD patch separately. Here is a link to my post with the DDE 4.61 SE conversion release notes:
  18. Yes, that is correct. Neither the DFLolaPatch nor the SLSLolaPatch are needed if you are using the current / latest versions of the mods.
  19. @nomkaz has posted the official SE a conversion for 2.14.0 Devious Followers - Continued SE - Adult Mods - LoversLab
  20. My biggest wish for this mod is to make each of the Classic deal stages into its own separate modular deal, and "flatten" the whole modular deal concept into a unified pool of modular deals that would allow individual enable/disable for every modular deal, without needing level 1,2,3 for modular deals. Would also need to be able to turn off Classic deals entirely. Then DFC would behave more like SubLola in that the player could choose all the possible events and behaviors from the Devious Follower before recruiting them. That would be awesome! ❤️
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