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  1. I wanted to thank all of you for all your help! Now with a little bit of fiddling with the sliders, going from what should be pure white a bit more into the light blue to offset the yellow tint of my ENB, I managed to get a pretty good result with regards to white hair color. So thank you again for your time and effort!
  2. Oh alright. So knowing the specific color code for certain colors (like one could find on the internet) should allow one to set the sliders in racemenu to these values and get that color ingame? This is what I get ingame with what is supposed to be white hair, according to the slider settings. So I guess the issue is with my ENB, how it affects player hair colors.
  3. Doesn't racemenu have 4 color sliders? And I guess the hair on the helmet is more white than actually gray.
  4. Unfortunately, in my ENB it comes out as white with a distinct hue of blue
  5. Thank you! I tried that but I never got how to end up with a gray. The best I managed was a mild blond. Is there a specific slider position to achieve it? And what do the sliders even do/change specifically?
  6. Hey everyone, I have this modlist: and would like to have gray hair for my player character, preferably this gray hair color: It's hair on a helmet from a mod I have. Do you have any ideas? Kind regards, Stahlvormund101
  7. Will try it! Edit: I did try it now but the face looks almost too perfect, too smooth, a bit alien. I dont know, am unsure about it. Also, have been getting a Crash Fix FootIK error now on loading my savegame twice. Went around it the first time by trying to load again and the second time by loading a savegame from the Alternative Start in the Prison Cell then my actual savegame. Is there any permanent fix for this?
  8. Thank you! I found it. It was "Better Females by Bella". After reinstalling, it fixed the issue and then reconstructed the mipmaps and it still works!
  9. I used AlignHeapAllocate=1 now and it fixed the issue, thank you again! How do I find out which of the backups fits to which texture mod? The backup order names are just dates and the contents of them look very similar to other texture mods. I don't want to overwrite the wrong ones and fuck it all up.
  10. If you could maybe help me with another problem: now when I try to use the CBBE Morph sliders in showracemenu, my game immediately CTDs. https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/5309785-ccbe-morphs-in-racemenu-crashing-game-on-one-character/ This guy says it has to do with crash fixes yet again. Also, it seems my facial textures are a bit unrefined: See the nose (and chin) area? It looks a bit pixelated. What could cause that?
  11. It works now! I did clean the savegame, attempted to load it, but it CTDed. Then I loaded the savegame in the coc qasmoke where I waited for 20 minutes and the scripts were working again, despite this save not being cleaned! It's all good now again! Will get rid of the corrupted saves and keep this clean one that works, the problematic Mod is also gone. Thank you so incredibly much 🥰 And I just realized we spent 3-4 days trying to save 2 hours of game progress. XD Thank you again for taking so much time and interest in helping me solve this problem!
  12. I deselected the Mod in MO, launched Skyrim, started a new game, waited for the MCM to have the usual mods installed, then loaded the corrupted savegame from the Alternative Start new save game. It did load without issues, however, even after 20 minutes in coc qasmoke, the lantern and heels still would not work. Here is the log: Papyrus.0.log
  13. I now loaded the corrupted save, went into the MCM and disabled the mod (there was an option to "freeze the mod"). Then I went into the coc qasmoke and waited for about an hour. The issues with the scripts still persisted, inside the qasmoke and when I went to Whiterun. Should I maybe disable the mod Locational Damage in the MO and try reloading the save again? Here the log: Papyrus.0.log Papyrus.1.log
  14. I checked all the files in the /scripts folder now too, the .pex files, and they are all provided by PapyrusUtil 3.3, overwriting the others in MO in the data section, so that works fine. However, the issues with the lantern, facelight and heels still persists. The lantern is still not properly equipping, unequipping, facelight doesn't work, the heels are sunk in the ground etc. Here is the log. Papyrus.0.log
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