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  1. Hi, Anyone have a copy of parasite infection mod? Used to be on planetelderscrolls but haven't seen a mirror since
  2. Hey All, Does anyone have a copy of this? I haven't been able to find it since it was taken down from nexus.
  3. For the remnant's quest, I reprogrammed limey and talked to him with high enough intelligence, a popup occurs regarding the centaur perk, but, upon clicking ok, the game becomes blurry and unresponsive (can hit escape however); seems like its stuck thinking I still have a dialogue pop up. Its right when he says something regarding the security office
  4. Is there a way to spawn the third deathclaw for the orgy scene or skip it? The one that is supposed to be there for main char is just flat out gone and I really dont want to have to load a save from 40 minutes ago
  5. Did the courier in front of the store for the seed get removed? I can't find him to see the spore WIP. Other than that, this is perhaps the greatest mod I have ever seen
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