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  1. Moving XPSME and FNIS near the start of my load order didn't stop the CTD. Now, I started a new game and after two hours didn't experience a CTD, aside one on character creation when selecting a certain head shape for high elf, but that one is tolerable as I don't really play as one. I'll try to continue playing this new game tomorrow and hope it won't crash. Though I am wondering, if by any chance that it didn't CTD anymore, does the CTD's are cause by script error? Though I remove some mods, afaik they are minor mods.
  2. Does merging mods can help? I'll try to move XPMSE and FNIS, considering the second log shows skeleton, I hope that would solve it. Thanks
  3. I'm really at my wits end. I created a new mod setup, and carefully installed mods and manually looking and solving conflicts in SSEEdit. But now I'm getting RANDOM CTD on cell transition, mostly when going through doors. I have ENBoost, Crash Fixes, Bethini Optimized Ini, and NetScriptFramework. I have 407 plugin and 184 are ESL. I have also enabled "Use OS Allocators" which fix my ILS. I've been playing for more than a month and I manage to most of my CTD, except this. The manually disabling of mods approach won't work since this is very random, it'll take forever with that. The CTD happens at random times, there's no specific place, and if I load my game again it won't crash anymore for a while. NetScriptFramework is the most helpful since it at least point me which is causing CTD. But the current logs are not showing anything I can understand. This is the log that appears in most of the time. https://pastebin.com/qFQdtvvR Now when I disable autosave on travel, there are times when it gives me this. https://pastebin.com/yyEbq4Z6 Papyrus Log don't show anything helpful and mostly end at the log where I save, before going through doors. But here it is. I don't use Bash Patch and only smash patch, because I think resolving conflict manually is enough. Tell me if I'm wrong. I don't get any blackface bug with this, and the only wrong thing I did is patching navmesh manually which I already remove. My total references are around 700k. Please help, because I kinda like my current setup, there shouldn't be CTD by conflict as I mostly go through each mod in SSEEdit. I did my research but no result. I hope I'm not breaking any rules here. Thank you in advance for the help. My load order.
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