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  1. Activision lawsuit. Such obvious pile of bullshit like from a bad fanfic but people will eat that shit up. And i say that as someone who despises both Blizzard and Activision..
  2. I started to enjoy the fact that my hatred for certain groups of people is so searing and bright hot that it sometimes keep me up at night.
  3. Doesnt actually matter. Leftist will never be satisfied, even if Trump and all republicans ceased to exist this second they would still bitch and blame him. Roll out the Strykers and this riot once and for all. And do it in a way that next time some methhead gets killed, people will think twice before looting small businesses and killing people in the streets.
  4. How much time are we going to pussyfoot around that riot? Just fucking roll out LAV's and give ol Browning lesson to these criminal fucks already. How many decent citizens and police officers have to die before we stop pandering to criminals, communist scum and other trash?
  5. Typical orange man bad bullshit. Despite the fact that total hysteria is in huge part the fault of the same media that publish shit like that.
  6. Its not pointless outrage. And if they trying to make some retarded 4d chess where they break shit on purpose and then try to garner some goodwill by "fixing" it then its the most retarded marketing strategy ever because now im much more suspicious, much less willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and buy their shit, much more critical about everything they do etc. But then again we do live in a world where immortal 50years old Star Wars franchise was tanked in the span of one movie so nothing is impossible here, i guess. EDIT: Why would it ? We all know what Paradox does and what side of cultural war they are on - they make it clear on every step. I dont get why talking about that when the thread is about their newest game would be considered "shutdown worthy".
  7. Its not. Its inevitable result of a company that lives in its own echo chamber and had monopoly for so long that they think they can do anything and no one will mind because gamers have no choice but to buy their shit. And this time they fucked up and had to scurry back and only time will tell if they actually did it. And its not the only company like that - CA is exactly the same with Total War series.
  8. I dont remembe if i asked that already - are threesomes/polygamies/orgies planned features?
  9. McCarthy never had anything to do with censorship ( he investigated CORRUPTION FUNDED BY FOREIGN STATE ) and you would know that if your knowledge extended beyond Hollywood history.
  10. Ten bucks says it will mysteriously dissapear from a game, either at release or one of the patches/DLC/FLC/updates. And just to be clear - it wasnt FAKE. It was true but the overwhelming negative reaction of everyone in the community, even including their own hugbox forum asskissers , redditors and drones made them backtrack that shit. And then they released that typical bullshit corporate PR speak "we didnt actually said what we said" damage control article and retarded fanboys ate that shit up and started praising Paradox for their usual minimum effort. Shocking - people dont want politically motivated censorship that is done to appeal to people who arent even fans of the game and they react negatively to a historical game being stripped from historical content. Especially god damned hypocritical one seeing how no one bats an eye "allahu akbar" being in game despite the link to the terrorism being much clearer and straightforward in that case.
  11. That "thing" they recently hired to police users on Twitch.. Christ almighty And that organization name - fucking "Trust and Safety Council", shit sounds like something straight from "1984". Its a shame that another nice platform goes down the shitter because of sjw shitstains.
  12. Who the hell even cares after utter abominations that were F4 and F76? Its going to be another trash game that needs 200plus mods to be even remotely fun and engaging.
  13. Im old as fuck so i have probably shitload of things like that. Two most satysfing moment had to be : I grabbed the Sun Sigil in Final Fantasy X in a SECOND RACE EVER. For those who dont know what i mean - in Final Fantasy X there was notoriously hard as balls unique item to get that was required to upgrade Tidus best sword. It could be won as a reward in a Chocobo Obstacle Course/Race where you had to not only run against the clock but also against other rider. Steering was awful, every obstacle you smashed into added shitload of time and to get the actual item you not only had to win the race but you had to do it so fast that the time had to be 00.00 or even less ( there were some obstacles that actually removed some time from the timer ). It was one of those parts of the game that people tried to do for several weeks or even months and required absolute laser precision akin to serious speedruns. And i got it on my second try and i didnt even know what it was until like two months later ( pre internet era after all)... And something even older - I was playing Sid Meier Pirates on C64 and went with 32 men in a Sloop with no guns against fully armed Spanish War Galleon, boarded it and actually won a fight against enemy captain. War Galleon had something like 300-400 crewmen, my guys died in like two seconds and my crew morale sunk to the absolute worst. At this point enemy captain required something like 10-20 hits while i was a onehitkill. And i actually managed to beat him...and i was fucking 10 at that point. Coming to think about it my entire experience with that game was Moment of Awesome - i never had any manual so i always failed the initial governor question ( cleverly implemented copy protection ) and was stuck in "unwinable" scenario of starting with no guns, shittiest little ship, no money and minimal crew.. And i actually managed to play that game absolutely fine for years.
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