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  1. Werewolf Naughty Bits

    I am uploading the final product of a request made right here on the Lovers Lab,
    this can be done simply with gimp, the only thing I edited were the textures on Derrax' Penis and kurisu7885's head.
    I divert all credit to those awesome guys for the original works and to Senviro who did the models.

    Thanks and Kudos to Brevi, Spwned, NsJones, BellyAche, Derrax, MikoYork, Kurisu/~X~, and Senviro without
    you fine folks none of this would have been possible.
    Just in case: This mod is fully compatible with all other werewolf mods except those that modify textures/meshes; if you use Automatic Variants, Naughty Bits it will only affect the player model.
    This mod includes Kurisu's Mod to allow different skins for male and female werewolves, males will have a penis and females breasts.
    1. Unpack files into your Skyrim/Data/ directory
    2. Activate provided .ESP file in Skyrim launcher
    3. Load any game you want
    4.(You can use NMM or MO to install the package if you prefer)
    This is a complete package which contains some or more of the following:
    Werewolf reskin" by MikoYork
    Female Werewolf by Moutarde421
    Derrax' Male Werewolves
    Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack (Timberwolf Texture Only)
    all using
    Brevi's New Howling Model
    and using Mouth and Eye textures from
    Ns Jones' Heart of the Beast Werewolf Sound & Texture Overhaul
    in addition using
    ~X~'s-Adult Real Werewolves- to allow male/female variety
    Disclaimer: If I have missed someone in the credits please let me know, also if there is issue with this in anyway please contact me asap I am more than happy to remedy the problem
    The mod is compatible with Moonlight Tales - Werewolf and Werebear Overhaul
    (Some people may not like that the textures do not match for male and female if you want them to match you can use SlabLover's Texture's from his female werewolf timber mod simply install mine and overwrite my textures with his all should work fine--> http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/71-femalewerewolftimber/)



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