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Yes the picture is me (on a very good day) please stop sending me mail to ask me that. Omg fine here click the spoiler.




I rotate which one of my mods I am working on the most. Typically what happens is I will run into an issue in Gameplay where I want to do something I cannot, or a mod that does what I want does not work right or is doing it the wrong way.

All of my mods include the source code for the scripting with them. I do not want you editing it and then reuploading it as your own or as a redux or as a fix or whatever, as long as I am not dead. However, please feel free to look at the source to learn how to do things, or use some of my code in your own mod when applicable. While I have slacked on making the projects compliant, all of my stuff is released under the 2-Clause BSD licence which is basically "do what you will, but dont blame me if your ceiling fan falls and kills your first born."

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