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  1. @wollboi Thanks for the response, I'll have to whip out the GIMP and have a shot at combining some of my favourite tats when I'm feeling up to it. Do you know what change caused all this to happen?
  2. From what I can tell Slave Tats seems to create an easy way to apply the body paint options in Race Menu, I might be wrong though. With you using Race Menu I figured I'd ask here first, seen as though I've been lurking this page for a while. It's been really useful. I think I'm gonna try a fresh install, maybe I messed something up at some point, if not I'll ask around on some of the mod pages. I am modding on everything on Linux though so maybe there is something I've overlooked at some point. Cheers.
  3. I don't usually post in forums but this problem has been driving me crazy. I've been trying to add more Overlays to Race Menu / Slave Tats so I can have more body paint options at the same time. Searching around I found that I had to edit my "NiOverride.ini" file, but I don't have one. A bit more searching and I find that it's now been changed to "skee64.ini". Sure enough the options I needed to edit are in there. When I edited those values though, there was no change in game. Then I noticed that in that file the "body" section was set to 6, in game I only get 3 slots though. On a long shot I tried copying and renaming that "skee64.ini" file to see if it would make any difference. Nothing. Am I missing something here? Do any other files edit the number of body paint options? My game is otherwise quite stable, I just want more body paint options. Any ideas @Aylis? (Nice guide btw, thanks)
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