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  1. Ok, if anyone has a similar problem i sort of half resolved it to satisfaction. I unloaded all sos related mods and reinstalled sos by itself, and i think i isolated the problem to tempered skins with sos support. I'm not sure what the conflict is or was but I'm just going to do without it as i have a good enough thing going atm.
  2. Long time skyrim modder here, but first time with a sse installation. So here is the issue in more detail. Whether or not it's me or an npc male, when a sex animation begins, the characters involved get naked, teleport in and out and then the game ctd's. uninstalling SoS removes the CTD but the animation proceeds sans dick. Getting naked does not cause the ctd, I can run around whiterun flacid without a problem. Perhaps the issue is the erection? I suspected it was a skeleton issue but I have the latest xp32 skeleton for SSE and I've tried changing load order, priority, checking if there were conflicting skeletons. i've tried reinstalling SoS with and without its skeleton, xp32 and other usual troubleshooting steps but the fix eludes me. I am running fnis XXL but only 4000 or so animations and have tried with various animation packs installed or uninstalled. Uninstalling SoS fixes things and I've been thinking of going lite and seeing if that works but I'm not that interested in losing features if i can help it. Has anyone encountered this problem as well and figured it out? loadorder.txt modlist.txt
  3. My DLC's are default, uncleaned and I have the same issue of the stamina depletion ctd so its unlikely the cause. We should concentrate on what is similar though. SKSE version, skyUI, steam version (my old cough unpaid for cough version on my laptop somehow avoids this issue), maybe hardware...
  4. Same issue exactly. I see you are running a bare minimum load too, correct?
  5. Ok, heads up again on the bloat, After some half dozen hours or so, I noticed the saves creeping back up, despite having npc vs npc disabled, so that just slows the bloat, rather than stop it. I concur that unloading the mod, playing without it for a bit then reloading it does reset the script bloat. This is script bloat btw, confirmed by papyrus data transfer eliminating all scripts in a save. So I imagine those in the know about how skyrims save system works with scripts can get a handle on the precise cause of this
  6. Ehhh, I'm gonna chime in here just for the record, I had the bloat issue. 50m saves, got rid of the mod. saves down to regular size, reinstalled,, then tried the no npc vs npc option, and so far no bloat, but I'm testing settings and will let people know if I find anything else
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