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  1. Hi fellow companions, long story short: I make a new set of mods after a long time with Skyrim uninstalled. When i finished to download all the core mods (and some others too) i experienced CTD. The first when i left Bannered Mare The second when i was talking to the carriage driver (i spoke to him, went behind the carriage then my game's crashed) The third when i entered Bannered Mare And the fourth (the one that make this much more harder to track down) is when i had just killed all the bandits in Valtheim Towers, so i walk three footsteps outside the tower then... yup. In the first three crashes i thought it had something to do with Whiterun or Bannered Mare, but after playing one more time, i am actually confused, and I think it's random. Oh, and please consider that i am relatively new at this, so if u guys see something obvious, please let me know (and be gentle 😳). Here's my mod list: Sorry for the poor printed screenshots, i just want to solve this problem asap And for more information, ask me and i see if i can make it available.
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