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  1. Thanks, ive been trying to figure that out for ages.
  2. im once again getting CTD's when i do any kind of save or the game auto saves. I removed a bunch of larger mods and then started a new game, which worked for awhile, but im having the same problem again. If anyone has a fix it would be much appreciated. Mod List - # Automatically generated by Vortex Skyrim.esm Update.esm Dawnguard.esm HearthFires.esm Dragonborn.esm BS_DLC_patch.esp CreatureFramework.esm SexLab.esm SexLabAroused.esm ZaZAnimationPack.esm Devious Devices - Assets.esm Devious Devices - Integration.esm SexLab Attraction.esm Devious Devices - Expansion.esm Schlongs of Skyrim - Core.esm SkyUI_SE.esp MF_SpectatorCrowds.esp iNeed.esp iNeed - Extended.esp MilkModNEW.esp MilkMod_MilkPumpsFancy.esp SexLab_Solutions.esp hydra_slavegirls.esp SimplyKnock.esp SL Survival.esp troublesofheroine.esp Wintersun - Faiths of Skyrim.esp sanguinesDebauchery.esp Aradia Living Armor JE.esp Devious Devices For Him.esp Kardia Armor.esp UNP Undies.esp zdd.esp Deviously Cursed Loot.esp SexLabSkoomaWhore.esp ZaFromTheDeepsV2.esp SimpleSlavery.esp SexLab-AmorousAdventures.esp DeviousFollowers.esp Laura's Bondage Shop.esp SexLab-Parasites.esp iNeed - Dangerous Diseases.esp Better Vampires.esp iNeed - Dangerous Diseases Plus.esp SexLab_Dialogues.esp SMUTBDS.esp SexyStartingOptions.esp Ella Follower.esp TheAmazingWorldOfBikiniArmor.esp BeingADoggy_huan.esp AngrimApprentice.esp Schlongs of Skyrim.esp SOS - Shop.esp SexLab Eager NPCs.esp SD Addons.esp Scent of Sex.esp AdashaFollower.esp SLDrunkRedux.esp LU_Penny.esp RavenFollower.esp SandraFollower.esp Mango.esp AnubAnimObj.esp Wintersun - SexLab Integration.esp WintersunSLI - DD expansion.esp Lady Vivienne De Sylva SE.esp SL Deadly Drain.esp SLACS.esp LabiaVariants.esp ABBA.esp WetandCold.esp ExtraPocket.esp Abigail The Maid.esp SLA Monitor Widget.esp SLAnimLoader.esp DeviousTraining.esp DeviousTrainingMartyr.esp DeviousTrainingMayhem.esp SexLab STDs.esp Crea_Kaeira.esp Sexual Vampire Feed.esp VeronicaFollower.esp WetFunction.esp KS Hairdo's.esp SLSO.esp SL_shrines.esp Spank That Ass.esp MianeFollower.esp Isabelle Follower.esp Moonlight Tales Special Edition.esp mcgDwarvenDeviousCuirass.esp EstrusChaurus.esp SlaveTatsEventsBridge.esp RapeTattoos.esp FadeTattoos.esp SlaveTats.esp SexlabAchievement.esp SLPleasure.esp MilkModNEW Sanbox.esp MilkModNEW HF.esp MilkModNEW CF.esp DW.esp SOSRaceMenu.esp SOS - Smurf Average Addon.esp FNISSexyMove.esp FNIS.esp RaceMenu.esp XPMSE.esp RaceMenuPlugin.esp CBBE.esp RaceMenuMorphsCBBE.esp CobaltAnimations.esp Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp ccas_starts.esp Deviously Cursed Loot LAL AddOn.esp
  3. im by no means an expert, im normally asking the questions not answering them. But anytime i attempt to activate Beeing Female i get a CTD on startup. Maybe try disabling that and see if it works.
  4. I started a new game to see what would happen with the save file sizes and the character is only level 2, and most of the saves are around 400 KB but some (mostly autosaves) have jumped up into the 30MB range. So im guessing your probably right and it has to do with the sizes of the saves. Im gonna have to find a tutorial on all the features of Resaver and see if there is a way to fix it. Thanks for the help
  5. thanks for the reply my save files average around 30MB also the link for part IV doesnt seem to work for me, all the others do.
  6. Hello All. I've been having a problem that is repeating on any character i create. I get the CTD on save bug. It happens no matter how i save (quicksave or selecting save) and with every character i create. It doesnt start happening until after the 200th save, it consistently happens around that time. Once it has happened all my saves for that character will have the issue. I tried to fix it on my own and tried the player.kill command which worked for a little while, but has since stopped working. I then got Fallrim Tools and tried to use it to fix a save but it says there are no unattached scripts. If anyone has a fix or just an idea on how to fix it id be happy to try it out, thanks. (Im not sure how how to attach the logs or how to show my mod list but if someone could let me know id appreciate it, and will edit it in)
  7. Hello All After breaking my Skyrim SE ive decided to try and get Fallout 4 to work. Ive been having problems with Bodyslide working with vortex for Falout 4. Im new to modding so that could be the problem by itself haha. I followed the guides to install bodyslide and adding it as a tool to vortex and everything, but bodyslide is blank. As in the drop down menus have no options. I had this same problem with skyrim se, but i ignored it and just had some invisible stuff. But i want to have it work this time, if i can manage it. So im looking for anyone who might have an idea as to what i could do to fix it. CBBE works on the game itself (the Characters have the new body) but like i said bodyslide is just empty. I tried running it as an admin from the folder and still there is nothing there. I cant seem to find where the textures are but i do have some folders that say "managed by vortex" that i cannot open. I have no other mods installed at the moment just F4SE, CBBE, and BodySlide. If anyone knows a fix or what i can do to get it to work it would be much appreciated, Thanks.
  8. ok cool thanks for the reply what is usleep and dar?
  9. Hello I was trying to fix my half broken Skyrim SE game (mostly invisible textures and animations not playing), using vortex, i uninstalled my mods and uninstalled Skyrim SE. I then reinstalled skyrim and thought i could start fresh and get everything to work this time. I followed a few videos on youtube about installing FNIS and CBBE (cbbe never worked for me before) and Vortex doesnt want to work with me. in the last install i would see"SKSE64" as a installed mod but it is nowhere to be seen this time around, and ive been looking for the .exe for FNIS but it isn't where it is supposed to be. I also think that there may be some left over stuff from the mods before i unistalled and deleted them. If anyone can help i'd really appreciate it. Like i said in the title im new to modding and i cannot figure out for the life of me what to do to try and get rid of whatever is left over from the old mods and just start over. The console is reporting a version of skse running. Thanks ahead of time
  10. all the items from devious devices are invisible, except anything that goes on the head my list of mods fnis caliente's beautiful bodies enhancer - v 1.5.5 bodyslide and outfit studio alternative start - live another life xp32 maximum skeleton se fores new idles in skyrim se - fnis behavior 7.6 fores new idles creature pack - 7.0 sky ui 5.2 se fnis sexy move se 7.2 race menu special edition v 0.4.12 dripping when aroused deviously cursed loot se 8.4 skse64 SL animation loader se schlongs of skyrim se v 1.1.4 sex lab aroused se loose 29 zaz7.ose rev 1 devious devices se 4.3
  11. yes i believe it is a port of the le version. i tried what you said and it made a body without textures pop up, it then let me batchbuild in bodyslide but it didnt seem to fix the invisible stuff lol. i tried saving it and then going back in and it still doesnt seem to work. p.s. thanks for the reply
  12. Hello i am new to using mods (2nd day) and im having an issue with my character model turning invisible with devices being used. I looked it up and it said to "build" the stuff with bodyslide, i went into bodyslide and all the drop downs and everything are blank. other then this issue cursed loot seems to be working normally as are the other mods, i reinstalled everything with vortex, but still have the same problem, if anyone has any ideas it would be much appreciated, thanks. and im a complete mod noob so if there is more information i can give that would help just let me know.
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