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  1. sorry, this turned out to be an elongated post ... yet, many times, just as i talk to myself, i uncover the solution. whoever beats the voices in my head to the answer wins the 50 septim, tx in advance for any responses. i want to use the Universal Camera Skeleton, so merging or adding NiNodes, i honestly doubt would be needed. If anything, i would guess some items would need to be removed. I've been looking over both skeleton.nif's, Universal 1st/3rd & the one provided w/ U3C. i really don't care for that particular camera mod. i really don't think it offered much for a 3rd person perspective. it seems U3C, Gears of War and the Chase Camera are the more popular. usually for the sake of animations, i much prefer them in 3rd person view, so that's mostly the animations i use. For seamless use, if i'm playing the game in 3rd person POV only, more than likely i'm going to have to add a quick script in 'game mode', as i''ve read some actions throw the player back into 1st person. also, many 3rd person mods require a change in the fDlgFocus if IsThirdPerson != 1 ToggleFirstPerson 0 ;toggle 3rd person on endif i ran across another OBSE command, yet can't seem to make sense of it: 'con_show1stperson' "shows the 1st person model from the 3rd person camera, if in 3rd person it will show both' both what??? looks like something else to mess with and contribute an answer to the Wiki. i have downloaded lovers and played w/ it, had the old sexlivion and retried playing it, but it's way too buggy. i was unhappy w/ the vampire's bite, which i play w/ several vampire mods: Scorn's, Infectious Bite, and No Vampire Race. The latter mod was useful for more pleasant looking vampires, as it disables all of the skin adjustments (morphing, eye color, aging) in the game. Scorn's has an adjustment for vampire race age offset, which also makes the infected look more younger/pleasurable. Scorn's is buggy and appears as though it was abandoned. Opening it in the CS throws a ton of errors and some scripts non-compilable. I would like to play the game entirely in 3rd person. Playing around w/ Ultimate Cam, i really found the POV very favorable and also nice that i could see my character in their entirety. So, here's the pickle. U3C has an erratic aim, as the camera is offset to the right, whereas the aim is from the 'scene root'. moving the skeleton branch, not the scene root, to the offset corrects the mis-aligned ranged attacks, but leaves melee attacks far off. U3C replaces the 1st person skeleton.nif file ... i dislike this as i ideally would prefer to use the Universal, especially if i'm going to use Abyss Demon which offers fully animated wings, battle flight, and just plain ole' flight. External Camera w/ predictive aiming, sets presets for the 3rd person camera position and angle. One being an over the shoulder view. For some reason, in 3rd person i rarely can activate any object, icons show, i've augmented the script w/ a condition: (even w/ the condition being ran in game mode w/ a fquestdelaytime of 0.01, object activation seems impossible) if IsControlDisabled 5 ;enable activate key EnableControl 5 endif if OnControlDown 5 ;Num "." set tempRef to GetCrosshairRef tempRef.Activate endif I was giving this some thought while reading my other post. normally, the body isn't rendered in 1st person and i've yet to just try and copy the 3rd person onto the 1st person view as well. add the offset that U3C uses and get rid of the normal cam. i would like to check and see if i copied the files upper body, lower body, head, hand, and feet to the 1st person view, then make the changes in the CS to point to the 1st person view, if i could get the body to render ok. The image from the OP is the 1st person skeleton from U3C. thus far, if i haven't used the skeleton.nif included w/ the mod, the body doesn't completely show. as pre-mentioned, i expect this is the normal behavior for a 1st person POV. To conclude, i'm going to try a couple of methods using the Universal Skeleton: move the skeleton 1st to 3rd, maybe this will alleviate the inability to activate any object. move the 3rd to 1st, including all of the other nif files (upperbody.nif ... etc). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any who, all of the pre-mentioned i imagine is just going to be some trial and error on my part. A less lengthy question, i was reading a post recently that talked about certain NiNodes being associated w/ ranged attacks (magic/bow) and another w/ melee weapons. I'm currently using the 'totalcontrollableskeleton'. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i have intention of adding Lovers, which i already downloaded ... really just need to reactivate and perhaps utilize it in some form of vampirism. perhaps something like a succubi. for a while now, i've put everything on hold, as i dig through all of the little inconsistencies. which as of now, i'm just working on: understanding what determines what gets rendered in 1st/3rd person? why can't anything be activated in 3rd person and why does the hud reticle seem so far off ... the activate chest/dead actor showing far below the y coord of the actual ref? a second project i was working on, where it appears reference commands aren't working. i'm thinking i need to extract the formID and use that for the ref. the commands work in the console, so i'm unsure why it isn't working. i've isolated my questions here to just nif and textures, once i get those sorted, i'll probably start dabbling w/ animations. all three seem to be the bulk of this project. i totally overlooked all the mods in the download section, so i'm definitely looking forward into trying that out.
  2. lmao, i just noticed the face mask in your pic fejeena. i guess it's become so common-place it no longer looks odd.
  3. this is a youtube vid i uploaded which shows some of the variations in the 3rd person in U3C. Some of the animations seem a little jerky, i expect not enough frames, yet i can live w/ that and address it once i can just get the mod to work correctly. I think it displays a good idea of what third person play should be like, although w/ this mod alone, one can correct the spell and archer aim, but then leave melee attacks far off. this just involves moving the NiNode of the skeleton, not the Scene Root, which is where the textures will be rendered. As posted in the OP, i would really like to merge this concept w/ predictive aiming ... the two aforementioned mods. Ultimate 3rd person camera
  4. you're correct ... i mis-spoke. not trying to create a normal map for a mesh, DUH! it's a texture and requires GIMP. i tried Photoshop several times in different formats, it just kept crashing. GIMP worked perfectly, with the plugin: GIMP normal map plug-in
  5. i've been playing around w/ multiple 1st/3rd person platforms. One, ultimate 3rd person camera, which this one has problems with aim, yet offers an ideal third person perspective, but replaces 1st person. It also replaces the Universal Skeleton w/ a bare boned nif model. Extended Camera, this one offers multiple 3rd person views, as well as predictive aiming, yet activating anything appears impossible. Another plus is that this mod doesn't replace the Universal Skeleton. This one also uses a OBSE plug-in 'Camera Controls', which i did happen to find a copy of. So, in an attempt to get the best of both worlds, I've been trying to manipulate the properties so I can use the predictive aiming, yet also utilize the universal skeleton and be able to activate objects in 1st/3rd person ... the first mod replaces 1st person w/ a 3rd person view, the second mod uses the 3rd person POV, yet i guess in 3rd person, one can't activate anything. U3C utilizes very little script; Toggle1stperson 0 ;toggles the POV into 3rd person con_show1stperson ;shows 3rd person POV for a 1st person model, or shows both if in third person. (so the latter when combined w/ the previous command) Extended Camera uses a ton of script, but most of it is only affecting trajectory of aim, assuming by the documentation ... pretty much making the cross-hair/reticle obsolete. the only commands it's using is from Camera Commands for POV; cameramove x,y,z ;example cameramove 32,-100, 12 would move the existing 3rd person camera to a over-the-right-shoulder POV camerarotate ang_x, ang_y, ang_z :for the view i want, all of these are 0, angle of the camera from 3d perspective the over-the-right-shoulder is the view i want. i've only tried this using the Universal Skeleton. I copy/pasted from the skeleton model included in U3C the skeleton, removing any other existing camera. this mod doesn't replace the 3rd person skeleton ... my body gets clipped, i am using this in conjunction w/ the script from Extended Camera, i just commented out the Camera Commands, as this is a fixed position for the over-the-shoulder view. well, i'll stop there and show U3C skeleton, how i tried to alter it ... perhaps someone might have a better resolution (another mod) or can see the conflict. the attached is the U3C skeleton.nif for _1stPerson. I replaced it w/ the _1stPerson and also tried the _Male (3rd person) skeleton.nif, deleting their existing cameras and pasting the branch depicted in the image below NiNode-Objective. The animations don't work, texture clipping occurs. able to activate objects and from the sounds, it appears the animation is being called correctly, but not visible. i'm going to keep testing the two. any suggestions are appreciated in advance. the links to the two above mentioned mods, as i doubt i explained anything thoroughly: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/29942 https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/47764
  6. once again, i found a solution that allowed me to edit textures in a 3-dimentsional view. first, i copied the universal skeleton nif file to my custom race file, only for texture editing purposes. copied the appropriate blocks that contained the texture paths from the nif files from the third person ( _male); femalefoot.nif, femalehand.nif, femaleupperbody.nif and femalelowerbody.nif and pasted those branches into the skeleton.nif file. changed the texture paths in nifskope, then exported as a .obj file ... photoshop doesn't like nif files. i could now open the entire textured body into photoshop and copy/ paste tattoos crossing from multiple seams, seamlessly ... lol. photoshop automatically kept the mappings to the texture files and allowed opening them directly from the layer into a individual 2d texture format that could then be saved as the appropriate dds file (ya need the Nvidia plug-in for this) had to do a little bit of touch up in the dds files, but over-all it worked great. i attached the universal skeleton.nif file. the texture paths in the NiTriShape and NiTriStrips should be changed to where-ever another is using or putting their textures. For testing, one could just use the imperial textures for a blank canvas to start off with. For 3d editing, a recent version of Photoshop that supports 3d is necessary. guess i could add the texture files too, if someone doesn't have photoshop but likes the tattoos. footfemale.dds and headhuman.dds are the only two that were altered. the wings are from the mod Abyss Demon. i didn't include the normal maps, but they are easily created using nifskope w/ the normal map plug-in, just open the dds, filter-normal map and save as ""_n.dds. skeleton.nif headhuman.dds footfemale.dds
  7. One can always set the quest stages via the console. setstage <questid> <stage>, setting to stage 0 normally initiates the quest. sometimes, it's also necessary to set a quest active in the journal and set it finished to continue on, primarily because of bugs that make the quest undo-able. completequest <questid> irrelevant of the active quest, modded or vanilla, the quest id can be acquired via: ShowQuestTargets (SQT) Shows the ID and current stage of your active quest. Not much use to you on its own, but it can be applied when forcing a quest to update. Other applications: The information this supplies can be used in SetStage QuestID Stage commands, explained below. lists all of the default quests (vanilla and some others): https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Oblivion:Quests for most console commands, some perhaps available w/ OBSE, yet may not show in the wiki: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Oblivion:Console_Command_Tutorial as an example of how this can offer a unique opportunity, i always play a vampire, but i also play the mod 'vampire hunting'. so i remove myself from the vampire faction, add myself to the vampire hunter faction ... a couple of the quest are broken in that mod, so i just finish them w/ the above mentioned, both to continue and get it out of my journal. hope this helps and was informative. :)
  8. firstly, ty for the response. like some dumb-founded epiphany, i found a solution to my question. nif files don't have textures inserted by default, nor nif files w/o the plug-in, but can have a node inserted (Trishape) that allows one to view or see animations in play w/ the texture file. I've figured it out, which equated to a simple copy/paste from the lower/upper body, head, ... etc. the other files, lower/upper body, head ... , i found already mapped properly in the oblivion/data/mesh/character path. i used the 'Ren" version for the head, as the default head wasn't extracted. although, if i had to guess, extracting the head nif would've had it properly mapped. so what does this beget, now i can have the texture files open in Gimp, refresh the view in Nifskope and see the changes w/o having to go into the game every time. from the original post, if i had to guess, i was just using a partial file, upper-body nif more than likely, adding tattoos and piercings to my custom race character. i suppose if i had to ask a follow-up question, as i've resolved my own question here. Is there a way to edit texture files (dds) in a 3d perspective? i'm finding certain things such as alignment on the spine, arms are also difficult and neck to lower body, unable to edit the texture file in this 3d perspective. 3dsmax/ photoshop ... i've worked w/ photoshop in the past, yet i don't recall of any method being able to edit the texture file, usually footfemale.dds for the most part, in 3d. i think the closest i've gotten is editing the worn apparel and adding my changes there. that method gets rather annoying if i want to change apparel. to sum up, can i use 3ds max or Photoshop to edit texture files (dds) in 3d? (or other applications)
  9. feeling rather like an idiot. in the past i've used nifskope to examine my texture files on the skeleton.nif and now i can't seem to find any mesh files that have the texture property. thought i was using the universal skeleton or Corr ... skeleton ... extracted the original from the bsa, still didn't see a node for textures. i've used it in the past w/o any altering to the nif file, so i'm not sure what's going on. any who, either i'm missing something simple or perhaps i need to add a trishape, which i've never done. any help is appreciated. i have the appropriate plug-in already installed and can see nif w/ the attached textures for other files, it just seems i can't find any for the skelton.nif. perhaps i was just using the upper-body, which i did find had the appropriate node for texture. i don't think copying and pasting from that file would work or maybe it would. as i said, i've never had to mess w/ this before and keep getting errors w/ copy and paste and feel lost looking at the ones w/ texture nodes as they have umpteenth associations within the branch to each ... bip?? ... node.
  10. it was oblivion actually. been playing since it came out and still haven't finished the game. tx, i'll copy & paste to the appropriate thread.
  11. feeling rather like an idiot. in the past i've used nifskope to examine my texture files on the skeleton.nif and now i can't seem to find any mesh files that have the texture property. thought i was using the universal skeleton ... extracted the original from the bsa, still didn't see a node for textures. any who, either i'm missing something simple or perhaps i need to add a trishape, which i've never done. any help is appreciated.
  12. i loaded sexlivion many years ago. i found it fascinating. obviously, i have found that many shared my opinion and expanded on those ideals. i'm playing a female vampire w/ some added mods. scorns is one ... this does not affect anime, none of them do. i would like a mod that instills a more seductive interlude w/ feeding and transformation. i have searched to ... a headache, and hope someone has shared my vision of such a seductive act. guidance if such a thing exists?
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