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  1. I have a problem of bar supplies not being delivered at my strip club. It worked fine at first but no longer. For the last 4 in game days, it says I'm at zero inventory, and I've ordered 100 out of 100, but nothing gets delivered. Is there some way I can reset this so it works properly again? I've got a bar that can't sell anything. When I even try to order more, the button is grayed out. Here's some stuff I tried already to no avail: - Selling the club, saving the game and then re-purchasing it after a game restart. - Removing all the bars, saving the game and trying again on a fresh game restart. - Followed the instructions on WW site for these: WW.reset_save_data sim, ww.reset_save_data sex_handlers, ww.reset_save_data world - Removed every mod except WW Any help is appreciated!
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