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  1. Well the shop i bought the custom made pc from, said it was an faulty overclock problem from the graphics card, it happended again, but they keep saying the same and replaces it. When i reset my pc to new they are gone, but after a few updates on the windows updater they return. kinda weird actually. But i keep an close eye on heating and it never gets high. it is only fallout 4 and skyrim V when i play for some time the pc seems to run hard but arma III on ultra graphics for 8-9 hours seems to do nothing with either heating or the computer usage. could it be a engine related problem?
  2. My graphic card is fine, ofcouse it got some graphical glitches by showing red and green dots sometimes on the screen, but that is the secound card that does this after 3 month, but it is a mesh problem, as i can easily run in one of the populated areas with 8k textures and not suffer lags or any heat increases (for short times of periods of cause) it is only at the very secound when it says equipped Singuines collars xxxxxxx item it does this thing. but will try run nifscan
  3. what can i do to fix this? i believe it is the equipped items that does it. i can't seem to find them in bodyslide either.
  4. I actually do have that one, before Zaz skeleton in the load order.
  5. Already have zaz a bit further up the line, and morph has already been done. Good point regarding Fourplay will remove it now thanks so far
  6. Hi Everyone. I am new here so sorry if it is the wrong place or something like that. Will move it to where you guys think it will fit. But my problem is as you can see on this picture the males are comepletely weird,i can't seem to fix it myself since i've tried for 2 days now (legit two days by readying pretty much all threads on this site and downloading all kind of fixes and look a like) picture of bug (picture leads to google and i got the same bug but it is not my picture.) This is my load order: i've started from where AAF begins down to where all my adult mods end what is going wrong here?: LooksMenu.esp DnxTattoos.esp AlysrazaOverlays.esp le666piercings.esp dcc-bp-lol.esp Prisoner Shackles.esp AAF.esm VIO_Strap-On.esp TortureDevices.esm Devious Devices.esm RealHandcuffs.esp RealHandcuffs_AWKCR_Compatibility.esp RealHandcuffs_DD_Compatibility.esp Slave&ModelPinup.esp dcc-bp-lol-navi.esp four_play.esp four_play_resources.esm FO4_AnimationsByLeito.esp AAF_BadEnd_Animations.esp Farelle_Animations.esp Vadermania[AAF_anims].esp AFVPurgatory.esp FPAttributes.esp AAF_Prostitution.esp RSE_II_Resources.esm RSE_II_CSA.esp Raider Pet.esp AAF_Violate.esp AAF_Violate_DLC_Patch.esp AAF_Violate_FCOM_Patch.esp WashOutThatCum.esl Boston Devious Helper.esp SlaveTattoos.esp TatsAfterRape.esp Wasteland Water Revival - Clearly Visible.esp TBOSBodyTalk2LooksMenu.esl TBOS-RaiderNormalFixMale.esl Atomic Lust.esp Mutated Lust.esp SavageCabbage_Animations.esp rxl_bp70_animations.esp Deathclaw_nude.esp Vioxsis_Strap-Ons.esp AAF_Four-Play_Animations_Crazy6987.esp Bememoth Separated Cart.esl After i did a fresh install of my pc the males has not worked correctly. I did download all the latest updates fr the anims pack, violate and etc relased the last couple of days. can anyone be of help. And thanks! My load order is as you guys see here.
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