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  1. Alright hopefully this is okay with Kimy (if not I'll remove) but now I have a better working alternative to the slow down effect when wearing hobble dresses. This new method still relies on removing the over-encumbered effect that allows you character to sprint while wearing extreme hobble dresses. Your character will now bunny-hop as a substitute for sprinting, it's not terribly fast but it is still a little quicker than shuffling around slowly. My previous post shows the difference it makes in travel time. This time around it's actually usable instead of requiring messing with y
  2. So I messed around with the hobble dress speeds again and instead of changing the MCM script I directly edited zadx_HobbleSkirtEffectScript.psc. With the default Hobble Skirt De-Buff Strength MCM setting set to 50 and god-mode enabled (to ignore the over-cumbered effect) you now have similar speed to the over-encumbered method of slowing your character down. A MCM setting of 45 when using god-mode is now roughly equal to a MCM setting of 25 when using the over-encumbered method. Hopefully this is okay with Kimy but here's the scripts, it's mostly a proof-of-concept/test script. Not
  3. After reading some recent posts in the Cursed Loot thread regarding slow speeds while wearing certain devices I wondered if there was anything that could be done differently. Right now our characters are simply slapped with -1000 carry weight plus a speed de-buff while locked in an extreme hobble dress or a straitjacket with a legbinder or hobble skirt. I know this was done to slow our characters down and to prevent the movement animations from looking downright ridiculous. While being over-encumbered our characters can't sprint while in a hobble dress, this is a shame because ther
  4. Check out the merged version of stradivuckos's mods. I suggest the merged version instead of the author's individual mods since they can be configured or turned off in the the MCM. It includes Crafting Requires Permission, you have to ask to use any crafting apparatus and even pay to use them. It also includes other mods that'll make your character's life more difficult such as Hunting Requires Permit and More Punishable Crimes.
  5. There is a single High Security Armbinder in the DD Framework which I'm guessing is what you're stuck in. This particular armbinder is part of a list that DEC uses to choose what devices can be equipped on your character. I think it was more of test/example device than anything. Either use the MCM to remove the device or give yourself Restraint Keys and try to struggle out of it.
  6. It's not just the textures for Leather and Ebonite versions that are different, it is also the shader/material settings. You can't control those settings in the CK as you can textures with TextureSets. The Glossiness is far lower on leather devices compared to ebonite versions, Specular Color, Specular Strength and Environment Map Scale are also different. Combined with different textures this is how ebonite devices are smooth and shiny compared to more flat and dull-looking leather devices. It's been that way ever since ebonite devices were introduced, no reason to cha
  7. I've seen you report this several times since DD5 was released and I haven't been able to replicate your issue at all. Remember the corset/belt combo was removed in DD5, you'll now just see a regular chastity belt underneath a corset instead of a single piece like previous versions. This is what it looks like now: You apparently use CBBE correct? So do I and I don't have the issue you describe. I haven't changed any Device Hider settings and every corset and belt I've tested has been from the DD Framework, they all appear the same as above for me as it's intended.
  8. There was never any CBBE BS files for the Long Gloves and Ballet Boots, that's why they're missing. If you want you can grab the files from my post here and include them in your package but that's if you don't want to bother creating new sliders in OS. Checking your latest download you need to create separate folders for the CBBE and UUNP versions, Kimy requests that for new assets. It makes it easier for her to add new stuff and has less chance messing something up. Just follow the same set up as the main DD Framework archive: Basically 00 Core is where
  9. It's Kimy's decision on how she wants to proceed with the Boxbinder. If she is fine with the suit version blocking corsets/harnesses and boots then so be it. Or do away with the corset and stocking-boots portion and keep just the Boxbinder but implement it similar to the Pet Suit. This would unfortunately block catsuits and hobble dresses since the Boxbinder would be considered a suit. That or an animator comes forwards and creates new animation sets for the Boxbinder that would position the arms in such a way that would hide them inside the binder. Then it could be imp
  10. I think the Boxbinder Suit wouldn't work very well as it stands right now, it'll conflict with too many devices such as corsets/harnesses and even boots due the Biped slots being used. If you're going to include the Boxbinder it should be a non-suit version for now, at least until some slot conflicts can be resolved. Then again since I don't think arms can be hidden without using a modified body, such as straitjackets do, you may have to use the suit version. Also @Kimy did you miss my post here regarding the Pet Suit and adding Keywords to regular, non-dress straitjackets to allow
  11. I had made a slider for the CBBE version of long gloves way back here. It also included an improved version of the catsuit and sliders for the ballet boots as well. It was all supposed to have been added to the framework but looks like Kimy may have forgotten about it.
  12. Fair enough, just to note I wasn't trying to call you out or anything. I may have a solution, though. It's something I tested before with earlier versions of the framework but couldn't get it to work, I tried again with the beta build and seems to work now. In the Armor Addon section of the CK there's a "Priority" setting. From my understanding the Priority setting tells the engine to favor displaying an article of clothing over another if their priority is set higher. The restrictive boots have a lower Priority than the catsuit as it is now, I gave the boots a slightly
  13. With those partitions removed the boots will now clip heavily with hobble dresses, hobble straitjackets and clothing and armor. The partitions were there to help prevent such clipping, it had nothing to do with the catsuit as they were added to the framework well after the boots IIRC.
  14. @Kimy The "Use Bound Animation" toggle seems to working correctly when it's toggled off now. Heavy restraints are temporarily removed when a scene starts and placed back after the scene ends. regular SexLab or SLAL animations are used instead. Vaginal, Anal and Oral animations are still correctly filtered out when wearing blocking devices such as belts or gags when "Use Bound Animation" is toggled off. The only oddity I've seen so far is the Pet Suit. When "Use Bound Animation" is toggled off the Pet Suit is not removed when the scene starts, regular, non-bound animations still pla
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