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  1. I have been asking this for quite some time as It stopped working a while ago for me also. Now, with last update it is worse as the clients will always use the same location (private style setting) all the time. Changing location style will change that behavior, but it seems the options for style don't work properly anymore either.
  2. Hello, I have been playing a bit with the mod but I don't know if it works properly. It seems that I always have a "slave timeout" message and nobody is approaching the slaves. Clients are spawning though, but they just walk around. Got everything set up as described. LE: Did some digging around mods and stuff and found out it is conflicting somehow with AAF Sexual Harassment. I think...at least woks without it. I guess it falls under "mods that initiate scenes in conjunction with this mod". After a bit more testing, I found out that after a scene is initialized from AAF SH immediately after, a client goes to a slave, then only after another AAF SH scene the next client will trigger and so on. Funny
  3. Hi, have you considered to support Violate? It has a surrender mechanic for NPC also. That way you could use Violate or Knockout Framework. (I think those to will conflict if you have both)
  4. Unfortunately there is no SLSF support thread, so I am hijacking this again. Please don't hate me, my excuse it is remotely related to not being able to use this mod properly I could not get it to work for now and in my search for a fix I wanted to ask you if you get this stuff from SLSF on your papyrus log too? It is spamming me with such stuff...
  5. Crap, then I need to figure out why this is not working and flooding papyrus with errors for me...
  6. Probably not the best place but does SLSF registers fame change for sexlab interactions? For me it only registers from one mod that is SL Survival's begging interactions. That makes only one mod that actually changes SLSF fame values. What mods should trigger a change in fame?
  7. Same behavior as before. Only registers parasites with the NiO Node Balancing. If I manually set the value for SLP to 0 in SLIF and wait a few hours I got strange values between 0 and 3 going up with passing time until it reaches 3. From then on it will always register SLIF with 3. Strangely, toggling parasites on and off don't change the belly size after first infection. I also tried not using hormones and I can't get inflation without it, so I am looking into why this is happening if you say it should work. Maybe I can avoid this SLH setting if I manage to get parasites to work without hormones.
  8. @zarantha Sorry for the consecutive posts but I managed to find the setting that causes this issue. As I have said I can't get Parasites to register with SLIF which was obviously working in the past. I found out by comparing saves that there is actually a setting in Hormones that I made called "NiO Note Balancing". If I set up this to true, immediately the SLIF registered parasites, and if you don't have any parasite it will be with 0. As soon as you equip a parasite it will go rise to selected value, inflating your PC. Trouble is that it will never clear this value even if you cure yourself. So once you had this on and got infected, your save is basically stuck registering SLIF for the inflation value it first used. Now I am wondering what this NiO setting does exactly? should SLIF work without it? Without it I can't seem to get SLIF to register parasites. Other thoughts?
  9. I tested them and they work now. No crashes. Regarding my previous issue...now I am in a similar situation like you. While on the current save belly gets inflated from parasites, even without no parasite mod (inflating too much), on a new (no mods) save inflation does not work at all (0 inflation). SLIF does not registers parasites. damn! Parasites definitely worked at some point... I will get to the bottom of this!
  10. I saw there is a newer version for LE. I wonder if running it through CAO would be enough for conversion?
  11. None of that works I have been trying for some time. Something got stuck in the save. Played a bit without parasites and SLIF (both of them removed and cleaned save). As soon as I add back SLIF (without parasites) after sleep, or even a longer wait it registers the mod and inflates the belly to 3. (even though the parasites mod is NOT installed) I was wondering if you can somehow locate that string in the save file and remove it...maybe. Or any other ideas... Some leftover script somewhere is running, probably got stuck after I updated the version from post 13 to yours... If not, then is time to start a new game again. I mean...I would not risk to actually finish the game for once... It's been too long since I have been to bleak falls barrow
  12. After playing around with parasites I noticed that the belly is always inflated. I have no idea when it started but I cannot un-inflate it. I have no parasites on PC, so, I tried clean buttons in the mod. Then add all parasites and remove them. Then reset again. Then removed parasites mod. Cleaned save then reloaded without the mod. Funny thing after a sleep SLIF loaded Parasites again and inflate it to 3. But the mod is removed and also save cleaned. Weird. Went further and uninstalled SLIF and Parasites, cleaned save. Played a bit around. Then added them back and guess what, after a sleep Parasites is registered again. Uninstalled everything again and added only SLIF (no parasites)...after first sleep...BAM!! Parasite registered. WUT!? So...something got embedded in the save file. Any way to find out how to fix this? Unfortunately I don't know exactly when it happened. After a first infection I was cured by Dinca and the belly adjusted properly. But I guess after some time things started to go wrong. I am using the fixed version from zarantha "KynesBlessingSE20200725_fixed" Any ideas? Btw @zarantha I gave up on the crash after running BS on the 3BBB parasites stuff. I found no way to have them working, even starting new game entirely. Any other BS stuff works. I don't know what to do for this. If it is not [ 385] TESNPC(Name: `Ary`, FormId: 00000007, File: `ccbgssse018-shadowrend.esl <- Skyrim.esm`) (which I tried removing) then is another mod, mostly SOS as it happened to you.
  13. I think I found small bug. If you have the Escort Call Center trait and a Rose (or any level of prostitute) while one client is present you don't get the call from a second....unless you click on your sim go through the "Ho Control" and click on "Accept Additional Client". Then you may get a call from a second client. If you want to have a third at the same time you have to accept another client again. If a new scene starts, you have to start "requesting for client" again accepting second (if they call), then third and so on. So it seems the process which in the past was automated is not anymore. Is this by design or a small bug that got away? For me, it does look like a bug since is looks like an overhead of duplicate actions for same outcome.
  14. Hello. Registering as a Rose and having the house trait of "Escort Call Center" works a bit different than sometime ago. In the past you were able to receive phone calls while serving a client. Usually it would join in. Now, with the latest patches (game and mods) you get a call from a client and you are unable to receive more calls from other clients before the first one leaves. Even if you interrupt the scene (not allowing to go to sex location) you will still not receive any phone calls. Now it is more complicated to get group sex... Anyone else experiencing this issue? Is it a new setting that I missed in some patch notes for this? I searched the menus and options but could not find anything. Phone is not set on silence...
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