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  1. Does anyone knows the name of this armor ? A link would be nice too. Thanks.
  2. Does someone knows the name of this armor ? A link would be good too. Thanks!
  3. Well sorry to hear that. Until today I can't tell what was the cause of this issue.
  4. So far the only fix are saving and reloading, or if I stay on the spot for some minutes the problem may disappear.
  5. And in case you want to troubleshoot your load order, camera mods aren't the culprit too, since I had this problem even with vanilla camera.
  6. Welcome back then 😄 I've found nothing yet. Guess we are cursed. I can only count two mods that affects interiors on my load order : - RLO but I had this problem even with RLO disabled on a new game - Skyrim Project Optimization but it can't be the culprit since it does not affect cave or dungeon
  7. No, I've never tried. Do you think it might be the problem? It's the 360 Movement Behavior by DServant. I didn't see any reports about invisibility or character disappearing.
  8. Thanks for your reply, so I guess it's safe to say that this problem is not related to SMP or CBPC then.
  9. @Rocketman142 Hey, sorry to bother you again but did you met this problem again ? Any luck with 3BBB ? I've been trying for week to find out the real cause without any clues ...
  10. Like you, I thought that 3PCO might be the problem, so I've started a new game some times ago without 3PCO since it was also annoying for me (especially when using a bow), but the problem still occurs, even with vanilla camera.
  11. For me, it became more frequent the moment I was using CBPC (I was using 3BBB by acro without the CBPC plugin). It might be related to the collision somehow.
  12. Hey, thanks for your reply. I've thought about that possibility but my graphic card is quite beefy (RTX 2080, 8gb VRAM), and 16gb RAM.
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