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  1. i seem to crash when i try to shoot the pistol on anyone else... solo works doh...
  2. thanks... i tried it ...but to me kinda looks like my character took a bath in wrestling oil..... instead on rain/water/sweat .....No ENB was used
  3. where 2 get Skirt & Necklace anybody ?
  4. thanks, question wouldn't also reduces all textures the brown and red one, is there a way to do just one of them.
  5. Nope I know that some cases it possible using NifSkope, but i dont know how
  6. Huntress UNPB v02, Fixed Clipping Hell Ya Works Perfect Now I Removed The Fur From The Back Just Wished There Where More Color's
  7. sweet just saw your Huntress UNPB BBP Great Everything Hope U continue to make armor with weight support & of course UNPB. but i'm getting a clipping error in the upper area on the beast and when walking or running. it like the armor bbp does not match the body bbp
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