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  1. BF without the patches will wreck your save, it is a nuclear plant. However the patches made by Bane master and Uncle (I think) made it quite stable. Both Fertility and BF are abandoned by their author anyway
  2. That's true that debuffs are are a hit or miss. Using too many of them will break your gameplay. IMO the effects of a drug could vary : Only affect a few skills : carry weight, stamina, speechcraft and the likes but avoid speed debuffs for example. Have visual effects (like you can see in Dripping When Aroused) Make use of SLSO and SLA and increase/decrease enjoyment, arousal, etc. Affect your needs mods (supress the need to eat) Increase your resistance to cold weathers if you use Frostfall etc ... I mean, there's place for improvement and origina
  3. A very interesting technical achievement, even though the hardware looks a bit difficult to access for the layman
  4. Yeah, the responses on that thread are a bit disappointing. I didn't know about Fixes and tweaks and it looked great on paper, a shame the user [experience] seems bad as you described. Let's hope a patch from another author sees the days as TKAA gains traction.
  5. In theory, yes, but in practice, the required tokens per day are higher and maid tasks dispense more tokens. And as I said, some tasks could be mandatory.
  6. As the story will need some rewriting, I'm not sure I'll keep Bellamy and the gang the way they are. If we want to keep the PC a generic slave, making it marry one of the high ranked slavers would make little sense. But I could see a Slave Agent (rank 3) into that kind of scenario with one of the characters. The "Adventurer Slave" rank and how it would work is a big question for me right now. I don't want to re-invent the wheel, Submissive Lola makes the player a great Adventurer Slave. So I'm wondering if there's a way I could transfer a slave to that mod. Or if some code of
  7. Hmm maybe, but I've seen numerous comments on the Slaverun thread and you'd be surprised how diverse some playthrough are. Some people didn't care about Ivanna, some others were resistant to whipping, but in my opinion you can't runaway from an addiction to a powerful drug. Thanks for the ideas you provided, I could definitively see them implemented during training / punishment. When it comes to food, I want to suppress the carry of gold by slaves. If you perform well enough (got enough tokens - tokens is a bad word, still looking for a better one), you'll be given "f
  8. It works in theory, and that's the approach Captured Dreams took, but it gets boring really fast... I could make it so certain tasks are mandatary, while some are optional, though. Tokens make less sense in a scenario where you do everything for your owner, but I want Maids to be able to perform Slut tasks. Tokens would be a proof of good work outside the house.
  9. In my optic, behavior beyond expectations (asking for additional devices) should be rewarded. Of course it's not completely realistic because a real slave shouldn't have to make choices, but it keeps the implementation simple, while keeping the game "playable" and still have the player take decisions.
  10. I agree that marriage makes little sense in slavery setting. But in the story of slaverun, I think it kind of made sense, it was a very humiliating way of submitting (huge stockholm syndrome where you fall in love with your jailer) and I'd like to have similar humiliating scenes. But yeah, getting sold is definitely something I can see happening
  11. 1) It is a voluntary use of Devices, I'm not enforcing anything here. The list of outfits can be fine-tuned not to restrict the gameplay too much. I understand how they can break some scenarios, I think a way around that is to temporarily unlock/remove devices for certain tasks. 2) Not into bestiality myself, but into degradation. I think degradation plays a huge part for many players. I agree that it makes no sense that fucking any animal would give you tokens, though, and agree that it should be limited to animals owned by vicious NPCs.
  12. I can understand that is it not an optimal way to force the player to perform actions. I still think it is a better way of doing things than the "Ivanna way" (supposing that the player cares for a random NPC). I want to avoid forced dialogues, and favor voluntary submission. Again, I'm very open to better incentives. I'm also in favor of a slave hunter, don't get me wrong. But I need a way to force the player to obey slavery when inside the city and during training, and a way to keep them from escaping the city. You can whip and rape the character when it disobeys, but it has
  13. The best child overhaul is back, could Beeing Female ever be patched for it ? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/48297
  14. Looks like OP is gone TKAA is back and I'd love to see it as an outcome for Fertility mode : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/48297
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