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  1. Thank you. I'm reshaping all the bubbles and correcting their positions, I didn't really maintain the position of the bubbles correctly, I followed it randomly, but it didn't look very good, unfortunately. I will do the separation of images in the same image, it is a very good idea, for sure. Thanks for the suggestion, I will do that for sure.
  2. Hello. This is my first story, I'm developing, I'm still getting used to using some mods that are favorable to the development of the stories, I accept criticisms, tips and of course suggestions, they are very welcome. This enhances the continued development and improvement of the stories to come. Before we can start, I say that the stories can take a long time to come out, unfortunately my computer does not run SkyrimSE very well, I edit the screenshots in photoshop better and I hope they are nice, I thank you for your attention and I wish a good reading to all readers. Horg
  3. Thanks so much. I'm using opparco mfg, but I'm thinking of switching to MfgFix, I see people recommending it. I haven't read comics in a while, I was a little confused about the bubbles issue, I saw an example very briefly, but it didn't look so good.
  4. Yes, they update, but to my bad luck I uninstalled the whole game again thinking that a specific mod had broken my game. What bad luck! Thanks, mate. I'm thinking of playing another game like Fallout 4, Skyrim SE has been getting really heavy on my PC, I thank everyone for their help.
  5. Yes and no. I don't installed the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2019, unfortunately. I just saw it here, I swore it had installed. I installed it at this point, he asked to restart my PC. Was that why the skyrim gave this error in MO2? I tried to reinstall, but it looks like it didn't work. I did not touch this part, I leave it default, is that why you are giving an error?
  6. After I installed some mods, I try to open it via MO2, it opens the following window. EngineFixes.dll SKSE/Trampoline.h(187): Failed to handle allocation request Previously it was working perfectly, opening normal. Now I can't start skyrim anymore after that.
  7. I always roleplaying with a touch of realism. I'm thinking of putting some survival mod, like warming up, by the way, we're on skyrim, it wouldn't be cool for you to walk around without protection from the cold.
  8. After a few weeks away from home, my wife couldn't take it and practically "ate" me alive.
  9. It doesn't work, MEGA prompts you to wait for five hours to download the file again, unfortunately.
  10. Thank you so much for this. Now I can crucify bandits who try to rob me on the roads.
  11. Guys, I think I found out why the game is giving problems, I think it may have been the folder that I installed Skyrim on, how come I didn't pay attention to it before, since MO2 was warning me that it was the wrong folder, I'm feeling ashamed now, in anger I uninstalled frustrated thinking it would be a waste of time, but I think it was a small thing that was in front of me and I didn't take it into account. I swear this is the third and last time I try to play it with mods, but if it doesn't work, I will have to wait a few years to buy a PC with better specs, although my current PC is reason
  12. My journey barely started and I already uninstalled the whole game, I followed a guide explaining how to install the game with the specific mods, I managed to install some perfectly and test them without a problem, but it came to a part that some mods gave CTD, but so far so good, I removed them without a problem, but then I went to install the compatible ones and they loaded perfectly, but when I returned to the game, the screen simply goes black forever, I followed some advice to go back two previous saves, for now resolved, but they returned to give black screen, I installed and uninstalled
  13. is it possible to download by other alternative links? That MEGA with that quota exceeded sucks.
  14. Would it be possible to put an animation at the time of penetration into the cervix?
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