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  1. I've done both, but I tend to run FNIS, then Nemesis, and leave everything up and running. I've disabled FNIS and the .esp after running Nemesis, and all my animations were able to fire. However, with FNIS disabled it does seem like my game freezes more often during scenes. But as I have stated I have many script-heavy mods operating at once and which tend to fire more often during scenes. It could be those, it could be the large number of animations I have, I'd need more time to test, but it is my impression that my game is more stable when I have both FNIS and Nemesis running
  2. Sexlab Survival requires a mod-specific keyword attached to each piece of bikini armor for it to be recognized as compatible with the mod's bikini experience gain and satisfying of the bikini curse. You can add the keyword to each piece of armor through SSEDIT, individually, or you can write a replacer script in the same program (SSEDIT) to search out and add to the items you want. I do not have the script, but it has been posted before or you could look through the pre-packaged scripts that come with SSEDIT and modify them to suit your needs. Someone also made a patch
  3. Do you have the "SimplyKnockSE SKSE64 2.0.19 DLL" patch? If not, search the site for it and download. May solve your issue. May not. Mod mileage varies.
  4. Obviously, there are some incredible mixed results when running FNIS and Nemesis. I imagine a lot of it has to do with what mods people have installed and the particular makeup of their machines. Why this may be so, I am afraid I cannot add anything substantial or supportive to the conversation, outside of "programming" and "code" somethingorotherandstuff. I'm intelligent enough to follow along (slowly) when someone starts talking code (in baby talk). But setting it up myself...my ADHD kicks into overdrive and I go find a convenient squirrel to blame for my lack of capability to
  5. If you lose both hands enemies flag you as "non-hostile," for being unable to wield a weapon. Working as intended.
  6. Survival Bug: Can't equip any weapons! Possible Answer: You have the dismemberment part of Survival enabled but do not have the tweaked amputation framework installed. Without the right framework, you will never know if you loose a body part until you can't equip a weapon or pick anything up. Try turning off the dismemberment portion of Survival and seeing if you can then equip anything. That said, I would suggest not player with dismemberment on if you hold any value for your weapons. As soon as you loose a limb, the weapon it held is lost forever. Daedric artifact
  7. It was tossing me back into the world generator settings. I deleted the RJW config file, reloaded, activated Hugslib and RJW, went to gen a new world and had the same result. However, you mentioning resetting all the sources had me go into the mod options and check. I hit reset on everything I could find and went to generate a world. Boom. World generated. Oddly, no sliders or toggles or checks changed (that I could notice) when I reset everything but that must have done something to make it all work. I appreciate the guidance.
  8. Preface: Totally my own fault for using other mods this early. Not blaming anyone but myself. Also using the DLC which may be adding something. Will report later. Currently tracking down incompatibilities between this mod and others. I'm currently facing an issue where when I have the current version of RJW in the mod list, the game refuses to generate a world (load order done correctly). As soon as I remove it, the game generates a world. NOT using this Betterloading mod, or whatever it's called. I'll report more as soon as I find the issue. Edit 1: R
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