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  1. I'll share my preset later. Mods are my own.
  2. It should work. Few things to check: -Are you using steam? I have yet to add proper support for it. -Eye cover function is for Luna's second hairstyle, not her default. -Try resetting the global values for all mods(Ctrl+Alt+F10) maybe something stuck. To have your chosen color and variant saved press F10. It will be saved now, only global reset I mentioned above will clear it.
  3. As for the weird behavior, the outfit part uses shader that that is not included in d3dx.ini (Though it seems like it is for some people..? Even though I have latest basemod). So I had to include it in the .ini of mod itself, I am not a fan of asking people to edit their main .ini file. But downside of this implementation is that it will work regardless of global mod toggle.
  4. SSR Medical X (Luna/Sayuri/Honoka/Nyotengu) Version 1.1 10/07/2020 Authors: etsorhtt, avenger54 Download directly from Venus Vacation Mod Manager's Online Mod Archive CTRL+1 - UNLOCK/LOCK CONTROLS (Ctrl+1 or Ctrl+2 in owner room) Z - Outfit Transparency Left/Right Arrow keys - Texture variant cycle Adds togglable transparency and 19 texture variants to lingerie. Textures majorly enhanced compared to originals. vvmm_SSR Medical X.zip
  5. By the request orange color was added to Umbrella Colors Mod. I'll have a bigger update for it later so for now unpack the contents of archive provided in this post and move them into /Umbrella_Colors/ folder. Umbrella_Colors_Update.zip
  6. I have yet to test it on Steam, but expect an update in few days. @starash It only affects blush option so not a big loss. Something like a patch for this is possible, but I just have too many things to work on.
  7. Thanks for so thorough explanation! I was working on tan mod and had problems, amazing info.
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