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  1. Sorry for disappearing, but life happened I'll have an update to mod enabler in a few days
  2. UAC warning should be gone with tomorrow's update (it seems it gets triggered only for very small amount of users though) @alpaca21 No idea in this particular case, but changes in main .ini I sent you earlier has nothing to do with that for sure
  3. @alpaca21 replace d3dx.ini in your game folder with this one d3dx.ini
  4. @kulado Just noticed "NOTE: Texture editing is a mess for me. importing the texture made her pale so I adjusted the texture to be darker" Most likely an error in color space/missing alpha in texture you trying to import, try to save in SRGB or Linear mode
  5. @proff13 I had to edit "shader map". it's a combined specular/whatever texture where every (R/G/B) channel is used by its own shader One of the channels contained that "shadow" overlay
  6. @alpaca21 Yes you can just delete nioh2.dds file @proff13 Oh, I actually been working on this: Hayabusa Face Fix - Reveals face on Hayabusa Classic (Dragon Ninja) transformation and fixes painted on shadow Required some tricky texture editing Currently his face is actually bugged (game bug, not mod enabler's) under certain angles normal map on his face swaps to someone else's when motion blur setting is enabled (TN please fix!): Hayabusa Classic Face Fix.7z
  7. @partingfret I think we misunderstood each other, to dump something you need to list pixel or vertex shader I thought you was asking how to inject edited textures back into the game because face/body texture share same hash and one texture will overwrite both so I wrote how to get around that in previous post (instead of using hash of texture itself, use hash of the mesh texture applies to )
  8. @partingfret "Is there a way to use both textureoverride of the same hash value without one taking over the other?" no, sadly that's not possible. BUT you can use index/vertex buffer hash of the mesh that texture applies to instead of texture hash itself. Find ib/vb for the head/face and use its hash when replacing head texture With the body it's tricky, since body is pieced together from many parts, you'll have to find ib or vb for every part and then apply texture for that every part in its own [TextureOverride] block @ShaolinKitsune I'm surprised it worked for you
  9. @ShaolinKitsune "I'm actually having issues Frame Dumping and I dont know why. I have to go in an write a specific shader to get anything to dump at all" That's how it's supposed to be
  10. @Akonikun A few pages back I posted updated .ini for fundoshi mod that should work with motion blur on/off, does it not work for you? (DLSS must be off though)
  11. @howlerleech You can dump and replace textures with 3DMigoto (Mod Enabler) as is, there's not much point in unpacking the textures from game archives without scripts/tools that can actually pack them back up (+to be hassle free and user friendly for both modders and end-users to install mods this way)
  12. @handsandarrows That means checks for shaders contained in Shinobi Robe Invisible mod used by the game when motion blur is on for hashes in Thief mod So what you can do is copy all [ShaderOverride] sections from shinobi mod to the thief mod(or test it one by one, which is overrides actually fixes it for you): Those: I'm quite happy with all the activity going on, @anaslex @vres @kulado and everyone here and on nexus Sorry for not delievering something myself, but life gets in a way. I'll have some time on weekend Hmm, think what I'm going to do is to go through eve
  13. @BlueOgre If the models are the generally the same with same uv's (and I bet they 99% are) this should be very easy
  14. @VioletKIRA Oh, my bad! Pretty sure I had it in tutorial but somehow deleted that part when formatting After adding shader to dump list, ( F8 ) to perform Frame Analysis
  15. @VioletKIRA Make sure that you use latest version, hunting = 2 is set in it by default... Also please check tutorials on first page of the thread, the video by DarkStarSword is useful and something I used to learn this all when started modding VV, but it does not cover a few things like calling shader lists to check/dump shaders and just a few Nioh 2 specific finds, like index buffer hashes being generally less reliable than vertex buffers @kulado Not even vertex shaders? For the ferryman leggings, they are probably one whole mesh so you'll need to edit it in blender
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