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  1. As she stated this is her first ever mod! I believe she said somewhere in here that she will be learning to be making animations at some point in the future (This isn't me hating I just wanted to let you know that information. haven't got the mod for myself yet personally but I can't wait) There are also other animations on this website you can include into this mod for some animations.
  2. Also I’ve got another idea ;)) This has probably already been added but an interaction to check up on you’re submissive . And a ‘talk about recent scene’ interaction . And if you couldn’t think of like a category to put it under like friendly or romantic or something you could make one specially for BDSM
  3. Just a suggestion.. about doing social events where doms can meet there subs, i believe it'ss called 'munches' (not percent it's called that , sorry if i got it wrong) Keep up the good work
  4. Will there be animations with this mod? Also will we know about a release date soon? Keep up the amazing work!
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