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  1. I think just pick one that fits your style. Thats what I have done, and then I've just simply gone and edited the meshes in nifskope.
  2. Well it is pretty behind on a lot of kinds of mods considering it doesnt have mod support.
  3. Looks like I am not. Didn't see that you published a new version.
  4. The mod still works fine with the latest update for the most part, however the new update did break a few provinces with the new province changes when using this mod.
  5. I wasn't initially, but I might be. Thanks for the guide. But still it looks way too much work for me. So I might only reserve images for love making stuff and post covers.
  6. Background: The Dragonborn had finally ended the Dragon Crisis with the defeat of Alduin forever, in the midst of the crisis, the presence of the Empire in Skyrim weakened, as the countryside in Imperial held territories was ravaged by dragon attacks in the middle of a Civil War against a faction known as the Stormcloaks led by Jarl of Windhelm, Ulfric Stormcloak. The Empire's weakened presence gave a massive advantage to Ulfric which quickly drove the Empire of out Skyrim. While Ulfric was victorious, the result of only having an unprofessional militant force only capable of hit and run attacks, left Skyrim's only defence weak. Adding further insult to injury, Ulfric's positioned as the leader of Skyrim is illegitimate as the moot is yet to be convened and having usurped the throne from Elisif the 'Fair'. Ulfric had an iron fist, and a short temper, Skyrim faced a more oppressive ruler than the one before it, and Ulfric refused to convene the Moot despite calls by the Jarls. Attitude began changing against Ulfric, and the people of Skyrim began looking towards the Dragonborn as the only one who can take them out of their trouble. The Dragonborn had force of her own, after saving Skyrim and the world during the Dragon Crisis, she was granted the holding of Fellburg as a gift of gratitude. The holding provided her with a small, but capable force. In addition, she was the rightful commander of the Blades, and elite force of warriors trained by the Dragonborn herself, but military force alone could not gain her power against Ulfric. Skyrim is a decentalized realm of Jarls which operate largely independent from its ruler, and are the ones who convene to elect the High King. The majority of Jarls by now were figureheads installed by Ulfric, however they still had their own self interests and the interests of their holds in mind. If the Dragonborn ever hopes to remove the reign of Ulfric, she needs the support of the Jarls. Now begins the story of ruthless politics, and a bloody war to come.
  7. Let me know if this is a good start to things, and also I'd much appreciate criticism and feedback!
  8. Same issue. I have F4SE installed, i've tried everything that comes to mind. Having only the mod and its requirments enabled. To reinstalling fallout 4. Nothing works. Another mod that also does not work for is Transfer Settlements.
  9. I gotta say. This is really well done. You almost got it really accurate.
  10. HDT does work in SE? Didnt know that. I thought SE used a different version havoc physics that was never released to the public.
  11. Its called more nasty critters. Learn to use the search bar.
  12. I'm excited as to what you have in store.
  13. I might be wrong but I think its the Haku Wedding Dress
  14. Any plans with the new teacher position?
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