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  1. @PhantomX https://mega.nz/file/1st2hCrK#oCfFDBrK5Wi8Dau8lwwUVPH9x9IA-wcwXL5Q1NoEaTU Here it is Momiji, Monica, and Leifang
  2. Always put the text below the hash or Just download the attach file scorpionhonoka.ini
  3. I want to ask how to edit the butt and genital skins Because I have here BP skins for Jenovation but the butt part has a serious case of seams. but feel to download https://mega.nz/file/hk8x2ayD#GqE80rlJWQjyexLRVoxDyl0XYbCs_EUL6UYtmaThGwo
  4. https://mega.nz/file/9ldkSDzR#hJJi69w38CqkSp7KahR2fbf8-lB82E0-20QO_V-v2hc Only missing is lobelia also this are only shaved versions Some Samples
  5. For those who want a simple mod that removes frill skirt Misty Lily.7z
  6. It was delayed because I was sick https://mega.nz/file/EtthDSwI#j22dR--2WyDQDiPD5_81s18k1YfAiWQ5zw-sk0So4mc
  7. Try this https://mega.nz/file/Zl9iSASJ#0SYXE5y27U83AXdp5Q4zyGxIyBriqPWcOBViT__wDtE
  8. Anyone got a link for boneash enb 3.1?
  9. Hey man chronotrigger just updated his mod to 2.0.1. I can't use the your custom sliders anymore. The body is not proportioned when I load bodyslide.
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