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  1. Hahaha rip my load time, and screw you to the tsr making sims3pack files only free downloads.
  2. Can anyone link me wings Asians hair download styles that isn't baidu?
  3. I just have 1 main wife and rest either romantic interest or bffs, tho it's a lot easier for bffs.
  4. there's a regular stripper career in sexy sims 2.
  5. functionally speaking, I don't even bother with marriage with polygamous play throughs. It's just too much of a hassle when it comes to it. Besides I'm playing an Asian emporer play through so technically speaking all I need is the passion mod and imagination. Love isn't a huge factor.
  6. like I want the back part in front so I can distinguish my geisha sims from whores.
  7. can anyone make a kimono mesh edit where the obi is in front?
  8. yeah but we already went over kinky world it causes lag so I am trying to make a dumbed down version using the original inteen for sims 3 so it won't conflict with nraas and cause lag.
  9. don't worry I'll try my best to get old mod files in some shape or form, if not I may have to start from scratch as long as I can get a copy of intern I could have a good base to start with I already have vector, pill script and noonas breast feeding mod, if I can get inteen I can at least start on menses.
  10. also am restoring my old pc if I can pull up my old files I'd probably have half the work done already, I toyed with inteen when it was still a thing for sims 3; I had the hospital overhaul mod but I kept getting errors so I ended up making a Franken mod out of both. All I'd have to do is code it so the animations are recognized and I may pull out some components of vector so it'd have options for stds being transferable, and add a mortality rate. Also it shouldn't be too hard to throw in noonas breast feeding mod so it's in a compact form. the only issue I can see is coding a menstrual cycle, I had a bitch of time doing it but Id could try again. I'd probably expand on it too myself like add a new fertility measurement system, with factors such as weight age etc. as for bc pills Immah go ahead and look at this pill script mod, it may not be feasible with out an external mod, but the pill script mod I've used basically causes no lag. but I'm going to look at the codes.
  11. Oh okay I know someone who can code, um they worked on a few mods for sims 4 and 2 I could ask them if they'd be willing to help code in some of the features you mentioned so it can be a totally stand alone mod. I've been tinkering with nraas as well. I've been trying to get kw to work with nraas so I've been toying with nraas coding. but I haven't had much success yet.
  12. There's already mods doing what was mostly listed. I think what you may want to do instead of trying to do a lot from straight up scratch is try and tie it to either kinky world or passion. noona already has a working breast feeding mod. oniki kw has the capacity to tamper with menstrual cycles. Passion allows messing with pregnancy with pregnancy. as for what I'd like with this birth mod mostly the ability to run the risk of spreading siv to babies. Siv is found in passion and nraas vector. Maybe create a c section animation? as for what maybe used I'm trying to find like a like to to this toliet that looks kind of like a birthing stool. I'd be happy with animations resembling a medieval birth. https://images.app.goo.gl/wk1Kr79ZSg385i256 something like this?^^
  13. Can you make a historical birthing chair? like I play historical hoods as well as regular so I'd be interested if you can make a modern as well as a historical version maybe add a Death rate I can change depending on where they give birth as well as how many sims present whether or not one is medically trained may be tie it with vector so let's say my sim has an std such as s.i.v add a precentage rate that the baby contracts and have that differ between home birth unassisted home birth assisted and hospital birth c-section. Maybe make all hospital births c sections? also add a time limit that prevents whoohoo for a SIM week, and add a feature that either prevents or reduces the chance of pregnancy for however long the mother breasts feeds.
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