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  1. @Donline- @HattoWW Sorry, I don't understand your posts. I wanted to keep the nurse costume invisible outside of Hunting Mode. This morning I was able to figure it out myself though. I did this and it seems to work: ------ [ShaderOverrideNCheck1] hash = fe3895e1d4843f0e checktextureoverride = vb0 [ShaderOverrideNCheck2] hash = 2e7dea8ba1236554 checktextureoverride = vb0 allow_duplicate_hash = overrule [ShaderOverrideNCheck3] hash = a848a35c06a89711 checktextureoverride = vb0 [TextureOverrideNurse1] hash = 02f9c9bd handling = skip [TextureOverrideNurse2] hash = 8c319207 handling = skip ------ @hardseppo I tested this in the Event episode and it worked on Sayuri/Luna so try adding this to the bottom and see if it works for you: [TextureOverrideHBNurse1] hash = adac4e4b handling = skip [TextureOverrideHBNurse2] hash = d067d848 handling = skip Edit: I was also able to hide the Nurse Hat(to make it just a lingerie suit now) by adding this: [TextureOverrideNurseHat] hash = 954eedc2 handling = skip
  2. Edit: Figured it out finally. Can someone help me figure out how to keep the new DMM nurse costume hidden? I've tried the basic: ------ [TextureOverrideXXXXX] hash = 8c319207 (and others found in hunting) handling = skip ------ But it doesn't work to keep it hidden. The best I could get after some experimenting was keeping it hidden with shadows still showing, and I got stuck there:
  3. Try this in a .ini: [TextureOverridePetals] hash = 87535104 handling = skip
  4. I think it should be possible to toggle it fully off/on, but it's something I don't know how to do yet. Someone else would have to make it. Another thing I wish I knew how to add would be to make the girls automatically wet only when on the main gacha screen/shower. Right now you have to spray them down first then enter the gacha screen and it'll look like they're properly soaked/taking a shower.
  5. I made an adjustment to my Gacha Demist edit. Now the pink fog does not appear for Fiona/Monica during their gacha result animation. Needs the latest Base Mod (d3dx.ini v2.3). DMM Demist FIX V2.ini STEAM Demist FIX V2.ini
  6. @Sihanouk Have you tried using the official base mod update (v.2.3) in #8443
  7. You need to turn on "Hunting Mode" in your d3dx.ini again(open and do a search). It's not enabled by default.
  8. @bobrealize I think I found the knight77 Square Bikini mod you might be using then: I never used it so I don't know the adjustment you need to make exactly (instructions say two ways to change it).
  9. @bobrealize That might have something to do with the 'Square Bikini Nude' mod you are using. I know there is a version out there that modifies the body(including pregnant) with hotkeys like ctrl+1 and others.
  10. @KuroKaze78 Thanks! That seemed to clear up the pink light/fog problem I was having on the main screen with my demist modifications. The bright pink fog still shows up in the back during the results for Fiona and Monica (I still want to learn how to identify and get rid of it), and some girls have different degrees of light pink to reddish(Tamaki/Sayuri) lighting in that animation for some reason, but it doesn't flicker on/off at least. Here it is for those asking to try it. Let me know if it works, or any problems with it (or what's unnecessary/what I did wrong if you know). I hope it doesn't mess up something I couldn't test myself. I don't think it needs the clear 'glass.png' in the folder you use, but I didn't mess with the lines in there for it just to be safe (everyone should already have one just in case). Needs the latest d3dx.ini (v2.3) here #8447 to be installed first (for DMM at least). Edit: I think I uploaded the wrong DMM file that still had the bars for the shower doors showing. I've attached a fixed version so just replace it. Edit2: Improved version has been posted here: #8601 DMM demist.ini STEAM demist.ini DMM demist FIX.ini
  11. Can you post a picture of how it looks for you? I had added that hash already to get my third picture. It's the pink light that showed up for me that I don't know how to find and get rid of (and I want to learn how to get rid of it in the result animation I posted of Fiona and in some Event episodes). I did a couple of small trial and error tweaks over time to a gacha demist.ini that was posted a long time ago to get it how I liked. I remember it used to cause the Blackjack/Roulette table graphic to disappear on DMM, a pink hue/light would turn off and on during the result animation camera changes for some girls, changing room location light would flicker like crazy, etc. I might just have to start all over from a gacha demist.ini that's working now and see if I can get it back to how I liked. Compared to the Fiona result animation I posted before, this is how it looks for the older girls (no pink light in the second half for all girls is my goal). This is with 'all third party mods' enabled: Marie gacha.webm
  12. With the latest fix knight77 posted (and other solutions tested that have been posted) the pink light removal from the gacha demist I was using (with my own modifications) doesn't work unless I use the first suggested temp solution of enabling all 'global 3rd party mods' in d3dx.ini. Is there a solution for removing the pink light without the global stuff (it crashes my game when heavy grinding sometimes)? Here are some pics of what's happening: 1. With all 3rd party mods enabled it behaves exactly as it did before (see my post #8337 for video). 2. With the latest solution posted by knight77 (pink light and glass pattern is back). 3. All I can adjust on it for right now (I don't have a clue on how to remove the pink light).
  13. Once mods are working again I'll definitely share it. I'm still working on it and was actually going to ask for some help here on how to get rid of a pink light/fog that shows up with the newer girls in the results animation. With the original girls it's not pink in the back like this: Pink Fog.webm
  14. I had my gacha demist looking like this, but now the glass, doors, and pink light are back. Momiji demist.webm
  15. It's built into the game options on the home screen. Options>Environment Settings>(Other category)'Time Offset'.
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