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  1. Background -- I've been working on a mod that relies on SL and SLA. One feature of the mod is NPC to NPC interaction. By accident, I ended up with Ulfberth popping out of the shop to kiss his wife, Adrianne. I was thinking it might be a feature to expand to other happily married NPC's who have a daytime work location near their spouse where neither spouse is of the "elder race." But I don't know the details of Skyrim all that well and don't know who else I should add. In Solitude, Beirand and Sayma seem happy but it's quite a journey compared to Ulfberth's. In Darkwater, Ann
  2. My solution is based on how my mod is designed -- the PC may have to get the NPC aroused. This is done by giving food, drink, kissing, making out ... Kissing might not work right away so a few drinks might be needed. Then getting some clothes off might not happen immediately but kissing leads to that. In that context, I get the initial arousal from SLA. Perhaps the PC buys the NPC a drink. I add 5 to a local variable which I add to the original value. Then I got back to check what SLA says and I use whatever value is greater. (For a male NPC, my value will be higher and "who
  3. This is just a report. I don't need assistance because I already solved the issue locally in my WIP mod that uses SL(v163) and SLA Redux(v29). I noticed that Leito's kissing animation reset the orgasm timer in SLA for male NPC's. Further investigation revealed that Leito's kissing animation triggers the OrgasmEnd event. Since I solved the problem locally in my script, it doesn't matter to me if SL is changed or not. Just reporting in case this is a surprise to the author(s). BTW -- I noticed because my WIP mod decides dialog paths based on PC/NPC relationship rank a
  4. Yes, thank you. I also determined that by registering for SexLab's OrgasmEnd event. I was on my way here to follow-up on my post with that information and saw your reply. Thanks. Anyway, I already solved the problem for my WIP mod am and moving forward. Thanks again for your help.
  5. The SexLab SexLife mod is only NPC on NPC. Mikael (Bannered Mare) has "had his way" with a lot of NPC's including some followers.
  6. I'm trying to write a mod using SexLab 163 beta and this mod (version 29). Using a female PC, my WIP mod ran Leito's kissing animation with a male NPC. The Aroused mod reset the orgasm timer for the male NPC. So, I loaded the game again and this time I triggered Leito's kissing animation directly from the SexLab animations menu (to eliminate the chance that my code introduced the oddity). Same result. Tried using a female NPC and her orgasm timer does not get reset. I can work around this "orgasm" in my mod but is recording a male orgasm for just a kiss the intended
  7. Hi, I'm working on writing an SL + SLA mod. Right now the general design is a simplistic romance mod for a female PC that can raise or lower a NPC's relationship rank. Going on a date has a small chance of improvement. Kissing, better chance. Making out, even better. Sex has the best chance. Also, going on a "date" and then telling the NPC "I changed my mind" will have a chance to decrease the relationship rank. In such a world, "first base" would be clothed kissing. If the NPC is a female (and the PC is also female), either wearing a strap-on is rather "forward" which
  8. I had a similar problem. I decided to enable daytime attacks and female attackers. That appears to not work until one day there was a female attacker during daylight. Turned female attacker off and later there was a male attacker during the day. Turned off day and now I get male attacks at night. One thought is that it takes a while for this mod to "get going." Also, I notice that attacks are more common when many NPC's are around. This doesn't make a lot of sense unless there's some sort of gang action. I was hoping for an attack, at night, while walking home. But there do
  9. My guess is that you have SL Arousal instead of SL Arousal Extended. Only a guess. Another guess is the conversion from LE to SE wasn't perfect. Araperyells appears to cause the NPC to yell, beg for mercy, whatever. Araperruns appears to cause him to flee. This could add immersion if the PC is going to attempt to kill the attacker.
  10. I have a three observations and two suggestions. I noticed that the SLHH (male) NPC can approach while the PC is in a SL scene with a different (male) NPC. This removes the PC from the SL scene (that continues with just the NPC). In "real life" this stunt would lead to a fight between the two men. As a practical matter, I understand SL has a boolean read-only property called IsRunning. My suggestion is that this property is checked. There was a case where the PC had just completed a consensual SL scene with an NPC. Then the PC went through a door, the NPC just so happen
  11. I'm posting because I had a problem, couldn't find the answer anywhere else but was able to solve the problem myself (I hope). I want to leave this solution for the next person who has the same problem. The solution might work for any other character with a custom body. I decided to try the Arissa follower. She was OK as is but I wanted to customize her appearance. I downloaded Clearance Clarence's mod and it seemed to work except it gave her a neck gap. I read elsewhere (on LL) that manually copying in body nifs could work. Tried that. No luck. Still had a gap. I solved the pr
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