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  1. Hi Gizmozh Tom, Sorry to hear you are having problems with the mod as well. When you started a new game, did you change anything about the mod order? For best results, the mod should be as low as possible in your loadorder. This is especially important if you have mods installed that may affect Lortheim (Don't know if there are any, but you never know) Another thing you can try is reinstalling the mod. But from your description it sounds like you already did that. So... I guess the best option is to forward the quest to past Lortheims jack off scene. To do this: That should progress the quest. Hope that helps
  2. Thanks for the log. It told me that, for some reason, the scene that is meant to start after you brought the two brothers together, isn't being recognized... which in turn explains why putting the quest stage in manually isn't working either... As for WHY this happens, I have no idea. The script isn't that complicated, so it should just work. The best thing you can do is skip the scene and move to the next quest stage. Hope that solves it for you.
  3. You can find the log at C:\Users\[yourname]\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\Logs\Script. The log I need is the papyrus.0.log. if you don't have any logs there, you have to turn on papyrus logging in the skyrim.ini. Look for the [Papyrus] section in the ini-file and set bEnableLogging=1. and save the file. Then start the game and try the quest part again. wait a few minutes then close the game if it again doesn't play. then go to the above directory and send me the papyrus.0.log. afterwards you can set bEnableLogging=0. and save the file.
  4. Thanks for posting that video. I have no idea why the quest won't update after you put the code in Could you perhaps send me your papyrus log? Maybe there is something in there that can clear things up for me.
  5. Hmm. You are the second person who has an issue at that point. I checked everything related to it when it first came up and couldn't find anything that would cause the quest to stop. I will have a look at it again. In the meantime you can use the console to forward the quest by using: This should start a pre-scripted scene. let the scene play out and it will progress normally again.
  6. That is a very good question. I honestly have no idea. I have never used SexLab Light so I don't know what the differences are. You can always try of course. Just be sure make a save-file before installing the mod that you can use if it doesn't work.
  7. Hey Mystic, Masculinized Level Lists isn't a requirement for this mod. It is just a suggested mod which will make most randomly generated NPCs (bandits etc) male. It is not an animation mod. Nor does it add NPC's to the game. It just causes most random NPCs to be male. That is it. I have put the "need to convert to SE" message up there for the purists. As far as I know, you can just install the Oldrim version of the mod (all 3 seperate files), without having to convert them. I have tried to contact the creator of the mod for permission to distribute a modified version for SE, but (s)he hasn't come back to me yet. Converting it is really simple: download the Creation Kit for SE, install the 3 files from Masculinized Level Lists (MLL) with NMM, open the Creation kit (takes a while, be patient), then select the first of the MLL files, doubleclick to get an X next to it, click the "Set as active file" button and load it up. Once it is done loading (ignore all the many, many error messages), just save the file. No need to edit anything else. Then repeat the process for the other two. Done. Basically, just open with CK, select and save. Hope this helps.
  8. You should be able to just remove the dependency yourself. Basically all it does is add some scripts that aren't affecting this mod. I just added the dependency as a "better safe than sorry" kinda thing, because the LE version already had it as a dependency when I "took over" the mod. So I would say, you can removed the dependency without major issues through the CK. I am not sure if you can remove it with SEEdit?
  9. To add to the chorus: MO2. Plain and simple. I have tried Vortex for a while, but it is too... um "idiot proof". I like to be able to sort my mods the way *I* want it and not what it/ loot tells me it should be. And MO2 is still very actively developped and very sturdy. So yeah, MO2. Especially if you are already familiar with MO.
  10. hmm, that is odd (again). Once you spoke to Saerlund, you should go talk to Harald and take him up to see Saerlund. You then talk to Saerlund again to get the brothers to talk and a scene should start. You should have a message in the journal that they "at least agreed to talk". If you don't have that message then something went wrong while getting Harald upstairs. Try talking to Saerlund again and see if you have a quest related dialog option. If not, you can get things moving again by using the console: That should start the scene. You don't have to do anything until the scene has played out. You will get another journal entry. After this quest there will be one more. I am glad you have enjoyed the mod, despite all the bumps in the road.
  11. the twins in town should have the option to have sex with them. if not, then there is something wrong. for the other people, you can use a mod like Sextalk or anything else that add the option to initiate sex. if you don't get the option with the twins, then yes, you may want to reinstall the mod. be sure to do a clean save (as described in the main post) to make sure no remnants get left over.
  12. Igh, I am sorry about that. I do the same thing though, so don't feel too bad. I usually end up starting a new game then... Which is a good opportunity to try out new mods. Well, if you are going to start a new game and you get to this stage again, Lortheim will tell you to go "enjoy" (=have sex with) the men in the village, especially the twins (Innkeepers and Manor guards). THAT is the big clue in this case. You have to have sex with the twins a few times for something to trigger. The clues in the quests are pretty straight (gay) forward. Whenever you are asked to do something, it will involve a sex act. The journal entries are to be taken literally. So in this case, just chillaxing in the village will do nothing. If you decide you don't want to start a new game, let me know and I will send you a list with the quest items you need.
  13. Oh yikes, yes... that won't work in this case. Perhaps I should adjust that "cheat" to be a bit more specific. That only works when you have picked up all the ingredients in person. I do hope you have a save from before you used the code. *crosses fingers* The potion is indeed a recipe and the ingredients are not vanilla items, so you can't add the items that way. Please get back to me first if you have a save from before you entered the setstage. The answer to how to solve it depends on if you have that or not.
  14. I am not sure what you are trying to say here?
  15. You can find quite a few in the SSE Conversion Tracking Thread.