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  1. Hey Ashal, I noticed something odd. I am trying to update some scripts with the CK but it won't compile, giving this error: So I opened the "offending" script and on line 3 it says: Further down in the code I see you use 2 seperarate lines for Oldrim and SE (with the Oldrim version disabled). Since I am using SE, should I disable MfgConsoleFunc on line 3?
  2. Isn't modding fun?! One small error in another mod can cause havok in a completely unrelated one. If you don't use it already, you might consider using ModOrganizer2 as your mod organizer. Makes it much simpler to see which mod overwrites what. From what I have been hearing, the new Vortex isn't stable enough yet to use as a mod organizer. And NMM... well... let's not start with that one.
  3. Well, that is odd. The guys pleasuring themselves is not caused by this mod, because it doesn't add random fuck/ masturbation events. All mod related sex acts are dialogue/ quest driven. If you have Random sex or something similar installed, it could be caused by that. For the black face guys, I will have to get back to you. But for the time being: have you been to Whiterun yet and did you see Sigurd? If he doesn't have black face, then the blackface of the guys in Falkreath is probably not caused by this mod. But I will have to go check in game to make sure. I am glad you at least got the dialogue back. EDIT: I checked the mod and the guys from Falkreath are not altered by the mod. So I am afraid the blackface bug is not caused by this mod. You will have to take a look at NPC altering mods and see which ones are biting eachother.
  4. Just some general information: To do a clean un- or reinstall of this (or any mod) do the following: - In game, make a new game save AWAY from the modded area (in this case Cocksmen Village) - close the game and uninstall the mod - start the game again, using the last made save. Wait a few minutes for scripts to do their thing - make a new save and close the game - install Fallrim Tool (and java if you don't have that already) as specified in the nexus mod description. - run Resaver and load the last save game - in the clean menu select "Remove unattached instances" and "Remove undefined elements" and nothing else! - save the cleaned save file (replace it, there will be a copy made) - Now you have a clean save file, with as little left over instances as possible. You can now re-install the mod or continue playing without the mod you removed. - start the game through the cleaned save file.
  5. Hi Shubu, I need a little bit more information to see what is going on. You say you don't get responses from the innkeeper(s). Did you get the message that the quest started? Did the Innkeeper have quest dialog before and it just stopped? What does the journal entry say? You say you uninstalled the mod before because it wasn't working. Did you do a clean re-install after you verified the Skyrim files and installed it again? if not, it could be that some mod relics from the previous install are preventing the mod from starting properly.
  6. Hey Pepaepa, I am glad to hear that You managed to get the mod working again. The whole Skyrim update thing has caused quite a bit of havok with many many mods that use SKSE functions (like this one). For future reference though, the pheasantspawner (and chickenspawner) is a script that is a left over from a previous version of the mod which I forgot to remove (oops). So if that throws out an error, you can just forget about it. It has no functions anymore. Sorry about that. If any of the other CV scripts (CV_Talos etc) throw out errors, then there is a problem.
  7. YES! Thanks for the update, Steve!
  8. Awesome! I have been using this from the reddit thread. Glad to see it on Nexus
  9. You can find the dll in this post. But I am guessing it is included in the update? I haven't been able to test/play skyrim in a while, so I dunno.
  10. Oh btw Tasairis, I noticed just now that Wrye bash still has a link to the oldrim page. There is a SE page from Wrye Bash as well
  11. I have been using PrivateProfileRedirector for quite a while now. It seems to be working well for me. Loading up the game is indeed faster now. (4 mins, instead of 6-10 mins on a potato pc)
  12. Hey Vaar, Be adviced that Bethesda recently screwed things up released an update to Skyrim SE. Therefor SKSE64 had to be updated and therefor all mods that use a dll-file (like Sexlab SE and SOS) need to be updated as well. This is most likely why things aren't working right now. As for SOS: Galgaroth has just released an updated version, so download it and install. Sexlab is very close to being updated to the new SKSE version. Edit: Keep an eye on this thread to see which mods have been converted to SE.
  13. Vachnic

    Cocksmen Village Redone

    Sorry for the late reply. If you are usung Skyrim SE, then you will need this version of the mod
  14. Vachnic

    Cocksmen Village Redone

    I... am kinda stumped. What I can gather from the papyrus log, is that it isn't recognizing the scripts from Cocksmen and several other mods you have installed. But I have no idea why. My first thought was that you were perhaps over the mod limit. But 253 mods is high, but still within the limit. Other thought was that the mod list wasn't sorted properly. But you have run LOOT. Yet another thought was left-over "debris" from scripted mods. Maybe you could do another clean with Save Cleaner and using all the options to clear the "debris" and trying again. With Save Cleaner you can use all the options to clean (unlike Resaver for SkyrimSE). So yeah, I am not sure what to tell you. I am pretty sure it isn't the mod, because, as far as I know, no-one else has had these problems with it. Some quests can get stuck, but in the log is shows that none of the scripts are starting. Another thing you could try is putting the mod as absolute last in the modlist, despite of where LOOT places it. Or try redownloading the mod. And are you sure you have all the requirements installed. And their requirements. And, I don't know, FNIS? (grasping at straws here) Now Wrye Bash is a program that lets you "bash" mods together merging them into one Bashed Patch which contains the neccessary information for the mods to still run. After you done this, it will disable the original esps, so you open up more mod slots (lowering your mod count). You can check it out on Nexus here. And there is a pictorial guide on how to use it to make bashed patches here. It is entirely up to you if you want to use it or not. Other than the things above, I am unfortunately not sure what I can tell you to get the mod working.
  15. Vachnic

    Cocksmen Village Redone

    Hoo boy... That log is a bit of a mess . Not only do the Cocksmen Village scripts not get bound, this also happens with quite a few other mods. So a few questions: - have you run LOOT on your modlist to sort it? - have you used Wrye bash to make a bashed patch? - how many mods do you have installed? - have you added and removed scripted mods on the save file you are using? - do you have the Unofficial Skyrim Patches installed? Also, can you try starting a new game to see if it will work then? I am not familiar with how NMM works, so I don't know how easy it would be to make a new game or how that works. Make a backup of your saved games just to be sure though. Leave the skyrim.ini set to enabled logging and send me the papyrus.0.log when you have visited the village and waited there a few minutes. 2-5 minutes should be long enough.