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  1. You just need the latest version. The versioning is as follows: 20 (year) 08 (month) 31 (day) in the case of the latest version.
  2. files starting with cc are generally Creation Club files. So unless you bought them, they are not included in the standard game, despite showing up in the file list. So just disregard them.
  3. Wait... you made Talos and the others into followers? How blasphemous! And again... why didn't I think of that... Anyway, I don't have Skyrim installed now, so I can't check to see how the effect is set up. unfortunately. So I have no idea if you can turn it off or not. Sorry 😕
  4. Hey Ulfbearth. I (finally) made the switch to your (so far) amazing body. Very sexy and so easy to use I have a question though: do I HAVE to have CBP (or any other) physics installed? It is not entirely clear from the description. And I prefer not to have physics installed if possible.
  5. Hmm, still wish I had thought of that though. Have you tried checking if cvtalos6 has sneakily started? (getstage cvtalos6) if not, you can start it with startquest cvtalos6. This is also the last quest of the mod
  6. Um... despite the amazing name of the quest... I don't think there is a quest called "Ragnacock"? I wish I had thought of that name now! So I am not sure which quest you mean. Can you elaborate (in a spoiler) which quest you mean?
  7. Random Sex used to work fine with this mod. I used it all the time together. BUT, as i said before, I haven't played Skyrim in ages, so maybe recent updates to Random Sex maybe changed that. So, if others are using both mods together, what blairsf65 says here, could be the cause of no random sex starting indoors in Cocksmen or the cause of crashes! Just to be safe: turn off Random Sex when indoors in Cocksmen! You can use the 9-key to turn Random Sex off and on. Thanks for the info Blairs!
  8. As Faux already mentioned, you could use a femboy character with this mod. The reason I mentioned the mod wouldn't make much sense for female characters is that it written in a male gay perspective. So your character will be referenced as he/him.
  9. Sorry if y'all got the notice of an update. Alas, no update! I removed the v 1.3 and 1.3 Patch from the file list, since they are no longer needed and are causing confusion to some. Just to make sure what the two files remaining are: V 1.4 is the latest version with "beautified" men. Meaning this version will need all of the required additional mods to work properly (KS Hairdos). V 1.1 Vanilla is the latest version, but without the hair changes, so you can use your own (replacement) hair mods. So for this version you don't need KS Hairdos. Only use ONE version
  10. There is no time delay between the quests apart from the first one. So in theory (apparently not in practise...) the next quest should start immediately. I am just not sure why the "love thy brother" quest is causing so many issues. I have looked into it many time, but there are no reasons that I can think of that it shouldn't just progress. Perhaps there is some conflict with another mod, but I have yet to find out which mod that would be. Anyway, if you didn't get a notification of the new quest starting, you could use the console command "startquest CVTalos6" to start it manuall
  11. Yikes,,, sorry guys (and girls)... For some reason I was no longer following this thread, so I had no idea about all these question/ errors being posted. (Thanks bpmcgee for quoting, so I finally got a message!). I currently don't have Skyrim SE installed and I can't really remember all the mechanics of the mod (age does that to a person), but I will try my best to answer all the questions.
  12. In the download section do I need to download all 4 of the files or just 1. New to modding

  13. True, but some people get confused/scared by errors like that. Changing it to form 44 doesn't hurt either and gets rid of the messages *shrugs*
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