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  1. question - how do i turn a creature's base into a double horsecocked futa (or basically just something with multiple genitals like an ovipos(f) and a vagina or 3 sets of tentacle dicks) in the XMLs? the furthest i've gotten is the game only choosing one from the list <maleGenitals> <li>HorsePenis</li> <li>DemonTentaclePenis</li> </maleGenitals> would have the game only choose between them instead of having both
  2. I've created some XMLs to add correct-ish genitals to the Alpha Animals and Warhammer: Daemonettes mods for anyone that wants to use those, Here you go: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1a5Cx-STHKU-3ZWDnqDRHbeOBU2838Nz8/view?usp=sharing Be aware, in the XML of Alpha animals, at the top i made some comments on a number of insectoid creatures; while they are insects, their egg items don't exist so if they egg your colonists, they will carry the eggs to term but perform live birth that may or may not be untamed instead of birthing eggs that hatch later. my personal take on this is that since almost all animals from this mod are genetic experiments, it wouldn't be too immersion breaking to have insectoid live birth. There's also a small list below that for animals i didn't include and why. i didnt manage to find out how to give multiple sets of genitalia, though. I also thought that giving a female an ovipositor would let her egg anyone even if she didnt normally lay eggs. but i guess thats not how it works.
  3. updated from 1.24 by simply uninstalling the mod and installing the new one. (i'd never found any mags before so i figured it'd be fine) except that now that i've found some (oversexed eeveelutions and another one) i CTD whenever i try to read them. i did notice that the filename is now "Readable comics core files v 2.7.z" instead of what i expected to be "Readable_Comics_v1.25.7z". also, their inventory art is grognak and the jngle of the bat babies for each of them. is this name change intended? should this just work? did i mess up somewhere? Update: starting a new game and trying to open a mag still causes a CTD Update: reinstalling v1.24 and then overwriting it with "Readable_Comics_v1.25.7z" also did not work
  4. i was. This new character hasnt had any strong pheromoes applied yet however, so i don't know if this save has the problem too or not. i've also thought of a possible addition. the ability to "milk" a creature. for the crazies that actually *want* this happening to them. Update: I gave myself pheromones through the console, then set the chance for normal and strong pheromones to 100% in the MCM and waited for an attack. I got the extra strong ones and after waiting for the full duration, i got the notification once and no spam after that. weird. i'm happy the problem is gone, though.
  5. i'm having an issue where "the strong pheromones aren't wearing off" message constantly gets spammed (it's been doing that for the past 30 mins or so) which while annoying, could be fixed by just getting rid of the pheromones. except i can't. i created the required cures (first time using it so i tried drinking riekling and goat cures because those were the ones i have on me even though i also had extra added onto me from one of the rieklings) so i created an extra strong cleanser, which got rid of the strong pheromones, and then i drank another riekling and goat cure. the notification said it got rid of some pheromones but they're still there and i'm still getting spammed. i'm having to start a new game because i really have no clue on what to do. could there maybe be a debug option somewhere to stop all scripts and end all effects (or maybe something less drastic) in case weird situations happen?
  6. i have a question specific to the dragoness animations - can they actually be trigggered in-game? because defeat doesn't recognize them, aroused creatures needs them to be non-hostile and mass match maker seems to have no effect on them. am i missing something? mods that make this possible, perhaps?
  7. alright, i've looked them over, but havent tried any of them yet. From what i've read SL extra voices adds extra slots for sounds. assuming it still works, this would allow me to add extra sounds to SL, even outside of the voice category? because while its file page explains pretty clearly how to use it, it doesn't specify if it can be used for more (" This is a SexLab Framework voice slot mod that is pre-made solely for adding your own custom voice sets to the SexLab Framework. ") see, i'm looking to have more files *including* cyupa01-04 and fera01-03 in the fxOral01 folder for example. or more files *including* 01 and 02 in the fxOrgasm folder. so a 03, 04, 05 etc. so if i can do that with sexlab extra voices, awesome! thanks. if not, my request stil stands. Edit: after reading the thread, extra voices is incompatible as of 1.61b, leaving me with no alternatives as the other links are replacer voicepacks. Edit2: for more clarification, the mod in question does voices. i'm not interested in voices, but sound effects.
  8. i feel really out of place with a feature request here, with all the testing that's being done, but if it's not too much to ask, could it be made so more sounds can be added? like having 5 different orgasm sounds instead of the current 2. or maybe even have the number of sounds be dynamic? i love what you're doing, keep it up!
  9. what are you able to do? i mean, you're asking a question that allows for replies requesting anything from animations to entirely new mechanics as it is, i see many animations popping up, and some new furniture here and there. then there are also a bunch of body replacers. i'd like it a lot if random sex was a thing but that would probably best added as a patch to the already existing wicked whims. currently there's nothing really perverted i'd like to see in the game that isn't there already. maybe NPCs responding to exhibitionism. or pets. but then you'd have to add pets to the game as something entirely new. more toys would probably be cool for animations to be based around. some new furniture types like the recent gloryhole would be nice too. so in short, i can't think of anything besides "i'd like more of this thing that is already there" and again, what *can* you do?
  10. While I've become quite adept at scaling of bones and management of xpmse skeletons, I still can't actually manipulate the CK's world camera for the life of me, nor actually figure out how to add objects to the world in any sane manner. So, sadly, I can't manage that either. At the moment I'm just glad the mod is stable enough to not self-destruct, even if there's a small bug in the effects that breaks dispelling. I'd love something like that, but I really don't have the time. Sorry! no biggie, i guess i can survive without it
  11. hey 4onen, not sure if you're interested in that kind of stuff but could you make a script spawn "spider spit" splotches on the ground below PC when deflating? that'd be the best thing ever!
  12. try jaxonz mcm kicker since i started using this mod i have not had any problems with mcm mods not showing up, but i also dont load any other sexlab dependant mods until i install sexlab thru the mcm and the wait in game for it to completely install. here's the thing - i'm already using MCMKicker =(. Imma try not loading the other mods untill SL is installed though. sounds interesting
  13. could there also be an option to auto-surrender if you take X% damage within Y time? or would it be bad to start a timer on a per actor base every time damage is taken? Also, i've been having a problem - even though i install the mod, there is no MCM for it, and the hotkeys also don't work. outside of the game all the indicators of a correct install are there, though... no errors either. I didnt have this problem before on previous versions. oddly enough, i also have this with soulgem oven3 while i didnt have it with SGO2. the problem is exclusive to these 2 mods for me, however... (playing around with the load order hasnt worked for me and i've run FNIS before and after everything i've tried.)
  14. I also have the problem of CF not having an MCM menu, persisting even in new games. there is also no mes swapping which leads me to believe the CF isn't active at all. The really weird thing is that on a previous save, everything worked well untill a random CTD happened. after that, i got this error and things went to hell. i wish i still had the papyrus log for that but i tried to fix it by myself and the log got overwritten... I have SkyUI 5.1 , fniss 5.5 and fniss creatures running (yes, i did run generateFnissforusers after everything) Re-registering all mods also does not seem to have an effect. i still have yet to try that MCMkicker though. will edit this post ith the results when i get to it. it's noteworthy that the area these screenshots were taken in is the starting area for live another life(v3.0.4). http://imgur.com/a/yEcR9 for the sake of not filling the entire page with my post, i've included my load order in a text file. Update: MCM kicker did not do it for me either. will try to redownload MNC9 since i just read there was a wrong version up for a while (what're the odds of me downloading it in that period, heheh.) Update 2: i redownloaded MNC 9 and booted up the game again - the error reappeared. then i remembered i had not run FNISS yet, so i did. The error persisted. So i created another save. this worked and i now had a menu for CF. I closed the game to write this update and as i restarted to check if it was still there, it was still there! So now mesh swapping works correctly and CF has an MCM now. SL Defeat has stopped working though. surrending is non-functional, getting beaten is non-functional, being aggresive is non-functional and "interacting" with dead bodies is non-functional. This is starting to feel like when i'm looking for bugs in my own code in a non-skyrim context... Loadorder.txt Papyrus.0.log
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