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  1. Hi! Well, SimScuffle requires Discover University. So I am debating whether or not I should use the DLC games. Another thing stopping me from using that particular game right now, is the fact that it is considered multiplayer in the Sims world. So when I go to edit the lines of text that apply to it, it has a lot of strings pertaining to playing the game against an opponent and losing or winning. Sooo, I was trying to find a game that would be "multiplayer" so I can make it all make sense. I am also planning a Koikatsu Party set, which will just be sex scenes I film from my Koikatsu Party game, and was considering trying to poise one of those videos as a multiplayer thing. Like 2 players try to fuck each other aggressively or something lol. So yes I am thinking about it, but I am debating how it will work. My current focus right now is developing TheSluts4 team of porn star sluts, so I can film my own lore friendly sex scenes, filming and formatting videos for new video sets, as well as trying to learn the ins and outs of all the different modding programs in general. I also want to figure out how to create an icon for use in the Fuckflix interaction menu
  2. I am going to upload All-In-One's for the completed sets. They are just huge! Porn Stars 1 is 2+ GBs lol
  3. I don't have a guide in particular no :\ I watched a bunch of youtube videos to learn to use s4pe and S4S, and then had to do a bunch of trial and error to make it all work. YouTube is your friend!
  4. Already had that planned I don't watch M/M porn so I am sorry if the scenes aren't the best, but I am trying!
  5. Wow! I have no idea where they went! Updating now Thank you! Idk how tf this happened
  6. I have done this, but I don't want to remove the individual files, as some of the compressed folders are over 2 GB total. I don't want to force people to download the entire sets to get the videos they want. I will however, put the compressed folders for each set, at the top of the list. And thanks for all the info!
  7. Well I'm into Amateur stuff a lot too, especially those videos. I love her. But I promise I will bring Amateur sets from all sorts of different amateurs, and at the very least I'll put a compilation of the original set EDIT: I got at least 1 in there
  8. Trust me, I am looking into this... I WISH I could just have them all at once. I want to create a few custom TV channels, one for Sims porn that I film, and one for real life videos. However, I feel like the TV channel thing has been done and is being done well. Sure, there is room for a channel from me, and I will make one eventually. BUT, I like your idea so much better. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to make mods, despite what it might look like lol. I am digging and researching, trying to figure out how to do things like add custom moodlets, or anything else, but I don't know where to look. I would love to be able to add EXTRA movies and channels, but I am unsure what this entails. If you or anybody else reading this can point me in the right direction to learn to mod properly, let me know. I have the dedication to learn it all, and learn it right. I have also started looking into making animations and poses, as I did go to school for game design, and have worked in programs much like Blender, quite a bit. So I feel like one day, I will commit to poses, and then animations. But for now, I am just scratching the surface of modding. I want to develop this all in one mod page, instead of many. A general 'TheSluts4' collection of Sims 4 porn and porn "accessories". Have a full "porn company" worth of in-game porn stars, and a line of original lore friendly Sims porn. Over time I would add animations and poses to this, or whatever I am inspired to do really. So again, if anybody has any idea where to point me to learn more about how to do what I am trying to do, i would be forever in your debt!
  9. It is my first! And I am nowhere near done. I have no idea how to do anything that I want to do, such as add moodlets from watching porn, or have movies trigger masturbation animations or something. I have ideas tho. I also plan on making a full line of porn films, featuring Lixxi, the slutty mascot, and a series of porn stars I am creating. As far as the amateur set goes, those videos were filmed on a very shitty camera, and they look like shit. So I was trying to re-format them to look a little better somehow, and I am having issues with it. There is one or 2 that still look good that were filmed on better equipment, so I am considering just uploading those, OR just formatting and uploading the compilation I have of that set, and adding it to an Amateur set with other Amateur's videos as well. Over time I will have A LOT of different sets. Why? Did you like her or something?
  10. Hi! I will post preview images for PMV as soon as the set is finished just like the other 3 sets! However, the PMVs will all be compilations, so the screenshots will only reflect a small portion of each one. I'll make it anyway. Also, this mod will NOT conflict with any of the TV channel mods that exist. I do plan on making TV channels one day, because why not, but I am not ready for that yet. 1st, I want to focus on making IRL porn film mods, as well as filming and shooting my own in game porn for future movies and photo albums!
  11. Hi! Thanks She is my favorite! I decided to make her the mascot for this mod and the head pornstar of my team of pornstars I am creating I haven't made her available to download, as I have an issue with not keeping my CC clothing, makeup, skins, etc, organized...and I have A LOT. So if I were to upload Sims for download, I wouldn't know which CC pieces to link in order for that Sim to actually work But, I will try to figure out each piece that I use to make Lixxi. The least I can do is provide you with lots more content featuring her! I am planning en entire video series, filmed entirely in game and edited in Premiere, featuring Lixxi as the main porn star. Right now I am in the process of creating multiple other porn stars to accompany her, and get their own videos. Over time, this mod should feature many many many actual porn videos, as well as a completely lore friendly collection of Sim porn. I am also working on "The Sluts 4" photo album, featuring magazine like spreads of Lixxi (and the others eventually), which I will provide links to download, as well as make them viewable online EDIT: Allure rings a bell. Without checking, I think that might be the body mesh
  12. TBF, I am giving a heads up via the titles and sets. The sets specifically tells you what genre of porn to expect, and the title gives a better idea of what each video contains. However, if you do find downloading and watching them to be too laborious for your taste, I've decided what I will do is this: Since there are 10 videos per set, after each set is made, I will compile 10 thumbnail screenshots into one image, and label it based on set. The screenshots won;t always be 100 accurate, as many of these videos will be compilations. But I'll do it anyway. Working on this now. EDIT: Done.
  13. Pornographic Music Videos Typically compilations of the hottest moments in porn, set to music that fits the tone. Usually intense, hardcore porn.
  14. At this point, all the Porn Star movies are updated except for College Cram. I just updated Diamonds. And where is the changelog that says I only updated 1 so far? I am still new to hosting mods at all, so maybe I am not updating it properly. After every update, at the bottom of the page, you'll see what was done with that update only. So you may only ever see it say "Added 1 video to [Blah Blah] Set 1. Meaning for the latest update, I only added 1 video. However, the [HD] indicators are accurate, and I have updated multiple per day. Thank you for your feedback! Much more to come soon. Expect this mod to grow much larger in scope. EDIT: [Porn Star] Set 1 is complete!
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