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  1. I'm afraid this branch of Devious Followers is discontinued, if you wish to suggest something to the active continuation it can be found over here
  2. The way I've gotten it to work for myself using EFF is to use both dismissal options, first through DFC, then through the EFF wheel, after I've done both they become properly dismissed.
  3. I am experiencing an issue with the Chastity belt turning invisible if worn in conjunction with a corset. Chastity belt works fine when corset is not being worn.
  4. https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/804-devious-captures/
  5. For a few months, I managed to narrow it down with help to SLS causing it, as in one of the updates they added a separate male vendor thingie I suppose that messes with the containers in some fashion. I have asked for further support on their support page, and hopefully someone there can help me, would be absolutely best if Monoman could create a compatibility patch, or include the parts of T&B that i like into SLS, but since I don't personally use the different vendor gold between gender variables in my playthrough I don't mind if there is a way to turn it off so T&B functions un
  6. This is a completely new game with absolutely no time investment just for the purposes of trying to figure this issue out, so I'm not too worried about game instability. And I used an exploit to force a reset of their inventories that involves saving the game, attacking the vendor, and reloading the save.
  7. As far as I can tell when looking through, the only reference for gold in that list is that first bar, and a single one further down in the Traderoutes bar, but Traderoutes is made compatible with T&B through a patch, and works fine. The reason I'm sure that it is SLS is because I started up a game with it turned off in the load order, ran up to a merchant that I knew was one of the affected ones without any gold, made sure T&B was turned on and active in the MCM, and opened the trade window (As well as performed the attack and reload trick to make sure the vendors inventory was r
  8. Sorry if this has been answered, but the site being the way it is at the time of writing the search function is not working. But I've noticed a pretty grave issue with this mod interfering with Trade & Barter, with many vendors and traders throughout Skyrim, both male and female, ending up with no money at all while T&B is enabled, is there a way to work around this or could it be possible to perhaps ask for a way to patch compatibility into this mod? I hope there is a way to resolve this as I'd rather not abandon either that or this mod from my load order.
  9. I have at least confirmed that it is Sexlab Survival causing the issue by starting the game up with it disabled, which is a bummer since that is not a mod I wish to remove from my list.
  10. Now I am confused. My original issue was that some vendors did NOT have any gold when Trade and barter was enabled, as assumably some other mod was interfering with T&Bs' ability to spread out gold according to its MCM.
  11. No, there's quite a few items You can see that it's possible to scroll down quite a bit further. Sorry, but mind explaining exactly what you mean here? just drag the entire traderoutes bar in that list ontop of the trade and barter one?
  12. Unless I'm missunderstanding something then yes there are other items in the container. I assume you mean things like that salt pile that is listed underneath it?
  13. Just a sidenote here: Is anyone else having massive issues with Loverslab taking ages to load and sometimes not responding at all?
  14. I can confirm that it is not scarcity, I even tested removing scarcity completely with no change. Going into TES5Edit I seem to have found this? I will admit ignorance on this as I usually don't delve too deeply into TES5Edit or similar programs, but am I to take from this that It's Sexlab Survival that's causing the incompatibility or something? Although shouldn't it be Trade & Barter that overwrites SL Survival? I am confused.
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