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  1. Well, I did look under "animationCustom", then I remembered that that was the area I was trying to edit earlier, and also remembered that it didn't go anywhere from there. However! I did noticed under "position" that the usual positions such as "standing" and "cowgirl" ended with "_big". After some investigating it turns out that, well, the positions ending with "_big" are their own coding, and were found in "position\twoactors\[whatever sex positions' there]"; it's also where others ending with something like "_in_bed" or "_on_table" were also found in. I tried removing "_big" from each sex positions under "positions", and it looked like it did the trick for me! It was pretty interesting to discover something like this. I said this earlier, but thank you for trying to help out. I still don't know on how to obtain the Empty Jar and Li'l Horny Gnome/Fairy, but I think I'll find out on my own, by waiting on the sexbound wiki to update, explore more in starboard, or you know, cheating it in.
  2. I feel my question about editing the code of the Big Beast Cage went unanswered. Instead of quoting my previous post here, I'll instead make a TLDR of it since I have other questions to ask. TLDR: how can one edit the actors' size from gigantic to normal for when they have sex in the Big Beast Cage? And is it possible to make it support three actors instead of two? I kinda already answered my last question on my own time, though I felt like asking the three actors support again since I just updated Sexbound to the more recent update. Sorry if asking the question again seems rude, I felt it was necessary to ask again after waiting for a few days on the response. Aside from that I have more questions to ask. How do I obtain the Empty Jar to craft the objects that uses either the Li'l Horny Gnome or Li'l Horny Fairy? Speaking of Li'l Horny Gnome/Fairy, how do I obtain them to craft the object with the Empty Jar? I tried desecrating an underground gnome town and was unable to find either of the two, mostly the Gnome. I should head out now. Thank you in advance for responding.
  3. Love the mod! Though I noticed an issue where the glove (the fishnet I noticed) were not using the custom dye colors from other mods. still good though.
  4. Hello! Before I ask I wanna say thank you for creating this spicy mod. This mod made my gameplay of Starbound more interesting and gave me ideas on what to do in the game (like making a strip club station). Keep up the good work! Now that I got that out of the way, I must ask something about the mod's objects, specifically the Big Beast Cage (I hope I got it right). While it's both funny and interesting to have two giant actors doing it in a cage that is a bit small for them, I wanted to have the actors be normal size rather then gigantic, and if possible make it so that it can support three actors. I attempted to adjust the object's coding (luckily it looked similar to a config file), but to no avail I couldn't resize the actors, at best I mostly adjusted the position of both the actors and the object itself. Is there a separate folder or file that let's me adjust the actors' size within the big beast cage and maybe make it support three actors? Once again, thank you very much for a spicy mod!
  5. I'm having the exact same problem too! I've no idea why this happens, but since there's no way around this infuriating bug I had no choice but to no clip my way to the end. If the mod developer is seeing this, please fix it.
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