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  1. See posts #302 and #185 from this topic. This is because the .g1t was not repacked properly. There is a size field in the .g1t that should be updated when repacking. Please use utilities that do create compliant .g1t files, as they provide a greater chance for your mods to be accepted by the game engine.
  2. You're probably trying to extract a .g1t that's not coming from the original game and that was improperly mastered. This issue has previously been described here. If you got the .g1t from a modder, please bring to their attention that their header is invalid and that they need to either fix it, or switch to using a G1T utility that generates a valid header. If you got the .g1t from the vanilla version of the game, then please indicate which PAK it came from, as well the the full path where that file resides in the extracted PAK.
  3. Note that gust_tools version 1.30 has just been released that includes the fix for the issue mentioned above. It also improves/fixes support for .elixir[.gz] files with "dummy" entries, that Ryza 2 also uses. You can download the latest release from https://github.com/VitaSmith/gust_tools/releases.
  4. I can confirm the issue. This seems to be a bug with archives that contain dummy entries (literally 0-byte entries with the name dummy in the .elixir.gz) because, while we obviously don't extract them, we still need to list them in the .json so that we can recreate and match the original archive. I have created GitHub issue #31 for it and will try to release a new version of gust_tools that includes a fix when I get a chance. Once again, if you feel like you've uncovered an issue with gust_tools, please create an issue on GitHub, as don't really monitor user forums and
  5. No. It's just that the g1t provided is not compliant with the official G1T format. The 3rd 32-bit field of a G1T should contain the total size of the file, always, because the game engine might use that to confirm that it's not working with corrupted data. For whatever reason, RatFlat din't bother updating that field or used a tool that doesn't update the file size when creating a new .g1t. Therefore gust_g1t will not open it as it considers that the file is corrupted. And there are other issues with how he created that file. If you want gust_g1t to op
  6. gust_pak from gust_tools has been updated to support Atelier Ryza 2 files. You can download it from its GitHub official project page at: https://github.com/VitaSmith/gust_tools/releases Enjoy!
  7. Please don't forget to do that, when you can. I do my best to try to fix issues with gust_tools, but of course it's a lot easier to do so if I can get a comprehensive report on GitHub...
  8. The tools have been updated. Since this is Open Source software that's hosted on GitHub, it usually works a lot better to make a request directly. Can't promise I'm going to add every feature under the sun (though I'm happy to accept pull requests), but I'll try not to bite if you ask nicely... Now, it's your turn to report if you see anything interesting in the decoded dlc files...
  9. For the record. that's changing DDS_HEADER_DXT10's dxgiFormat attribute from DXGI_FORMAT_BC7_UNORM to DXGI_FORMAT_BC7_UNORM_SRGB. See https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/api/dxgiformat/ne-dxgiformat-dxgi_format.
  10. This is what happens when people don't link to freely downloadable tools, that get updated on semi regular basis, but insist instead on providing a copy of OLD executables in an archive. I sure wish people stopped doing that because: It doesn't tell people where the tools came from and whether they are safe to use It doesn't provide people with access to the source, should they with to expand on the tools or fix issues (which can greatly benefit the community) Users of the tools never get important bugfixes and updates!!! I do understand that it's convenient
  11. Please open an issue in the issue tracker tracker for gust_tools and make sure you attach the problematic .g1t. The applications are open source and feature a prominent way to report problems, so please use it!
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