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  1. ahhhh, I think I did have that on there. I'll take a look at it when I'm on again. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. I think there's been some kind of miscommunication. I've had that additional mod the whole time since I started using the Patreon version. Now with the latest version I'm able to turn all teen content on, but they still can't be on the lot containing my strip club. That function worked fine with the previous version and patch, but with the most recent one and patch I can't seem to get around it.
  3. That's weird. I just became a patreon about 2 months ago, but until this most recent release I wasn't having that problem
  4. I noticed that with the most recent update of the Patreon version of WW I can no longer have teens in my strip club. I keep getting the message that it's not a suitable location for children or teens, and all teens invited to events at the club will return home immediately after loading into the zone. I have all the romance settings for teens switched on (using the inappropriate unlock patch) , so they're able to engage in every other type of WW activity, but I can't find a setting to allow them into strip clubs. I figured I'd post the issue here rather than on Patreon because Patreon doesn't allow the teen content at all.
  5. My strippers are all from a separate household that I don't actually play. So my main household constantly hangs out at the strip club and hosts events there while the npc chars do all the work. I still want notifications for them, though, because they're a really nice looking group that I made specifically for that function, and I don't get to enjoy watching them work unless I happen to find the area they've run off to. I'm also using MortiferusX's Heaven club which is quite large, and hard for me to find people in it without the notification to click on. So it would say be helpful just for tracking my employees.
  6. Is there a way to set up your mod so it notifies you when sex scenes are starting through WP? I noticed when running my WW strip club a lot of the girls go to perform extra services for clients but it doesn't notify me so I just have to search around the whole place to try to find them.
  7. For real! I like your stuff and I want to download it, but I'm not going to go through that gigantic list one at a time.
  8. Any way you can set additional objects up to be compatible with the tentacle animation? Like bizarre plans grown from bizarre fruit instead of just the wild ones, or the tentacle trees/alien plants? Also a climax animation for them would be amazing. Sorry to ask for more, I just love those animations and wish it hadn't taken so long for someone with modding ability to add something like that.
  9. Sorry to necro, but has anyone done something with this yet?
  10. I've got a weird issue with the mod, don't know if it's a bug or conflict with something else. When I initially enable to mod in MCM and install the plugins, the values for everything are set to 0. I can then set them to whatever I want, and the enchanting, alchemy, and mining plugins all work as intended, but the gathering ingredients effects aren't functioning properly. When gathering, the effects trigger, but then immediately clear from the character so that they're never really in effect. Any idea how to fix this or what could be causing it?
  11. Same exact thing is happening on all races, the others are all CBBE bodies so the fact that this race happens to be UNP shouldn't be an issue. When I build the body in Bodyslide I copy the femalebody .nif files into all folders that have a femalebody file. I haven't installed anything over that. Every single female body generated in the game should be scaling like pictures 5 and 6, yet somehow my character's body is pulling on some other file to generate body details. What could cause that?
  12. Here are some screenshots to illustrate. 3 and 4 are what my current character looks like at 0 and 100 weight after 25 levels of playing, and 5 and 6 are what the exact same character looks like at 0 and 100 if I start a new game and load her from my RaceMenu presets. I didn't change any settings or install/uninstall anything between taking these screenshots. ScreenShot3.bmp ScreenShot4.bmp ScreenShot5.bmp ScreenShot6.bmp
  13. I've run into an issue on my last couple playthroughs where at some point in my game my character's body just starts scaling very differently than I've set it up for. I use CBBE body and built my own HDT body in Bodyslide. I'm using the newest versions of XPSME and Racemenu, and everything is actually working great and exactly as it should, until all of a sudden it doesn't anymore. I can't find anything that might be the cause for this; the only thing I have that can edit my character's body is Hentai Pregnancy and FillHerUP, and they're set to only touch the belly and breast nodes and adjust weight. Now when her weight gets adjusted her breasts become obscenely huge, her butt increases a little, and nothing else moves significantly (her nipples do look much larger and thicker too, but they don't grow/shrink as I adjust weight). Armors I've morphed in BodySlide seem to be unaffected, they're retaining the node values I've set them for and they scale properly when I adjust weight, but this creates problems with things like piercings, which now just hang in the air in front of my character or are completely swallowed up by her body. The weirdest thing is that I've actually rebuilt the HDT body in Bodslide after experiencing the issue and made sure it was in the proper file, but something in game seems to be overriding it, because it adjusts my body as mentioned instead of as I've built it. If I start a new game it lets me adjust my character using the body I made in BodySlide, but if I use showracemenu to adjust body or load the character's racemenu presets it doesn't. It's even affecting previous saves with this character. This is the second character I've had this issue with, and if the only solution is that I'll have to just deal with it or start a completely new game whenever it decides to do this to me then I'm done with the game. Does anyone know wtf is happening to my character and how I can fix it? I've already tried resetting/disabling the mods that can affect character's body, reinstalling CBBE, XPSME, BodySlide, Racemenu, rebuilding body in BodySlide, recreating character in RaceMenu.
  14. I'm experiencing an issue where part of the estrus machine animation is stuck on my character at all times. I've reset the mod via MCM option and nothing happens. The only way I've found to remove the thing from my char is by completely uninstalling estrus, which sucks because I like having it in my game. I tried doing that, waiting for the MCM menu to go away, saving, then reinstalling, but as soon as the mod is back in my game it puts the machine back on my char. I've attached a screenshot so you guys can get a better idea of what I'm talking about. Does anyone know of a way to fix this problem but let me keep estrus in my game? ScreenShot2.bmp
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