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    Just a 27 year old nobody furry who lives in what passes for a city in his area and who works a dead-end menial job. Still this wish-he-was-a-dragon figures himself decent at klodging together code if he really needs to and can do some art. Don't expect a ton of Activity but he is probably reachable by message. All his other accounts on other sites should be easy to guess.

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  1. The answers to both are technically Yes, but you'd have to mod the mod yourself to accomplish this, including rerunning Facegen and editing all the npcs and such. As for improving Performance any impacts would be negligible probably as the scripts probably cause a decent amount more performance loss but yeah, if you want to have fun rebuilding the mod from scratch I suppose, just don't complain about the seams.
  2. Triple Post, for when saying it once isn't binding enough. lol
  3. That looks quite nice as a start. I'd happily use that.
  4. Yes and No. I made a beta conversion, a link is in the Op. Otherwise take the prerequisites using the SE versions if available, Add the Pharlan SE race mod for animations, and use the Cathedral Optimizer thingy at minimal settings on this mod.
  5. Necroing an old plot thread (It was last page), I wish the Argonian feet used UNP/CBBE/Vanilla texture pathing because I really like how the chameleon retexture looks.
  6. woo someone made a Real Flying SE port so yay.
  7. Again if you'll look at the Op you'll see where I made an SE conversion. Animated Dragon Wings as mentioned is very easily convertible to SE thanks to SabreGirl having already converted the animations for her mod.
  8. The orangey red stuff is still loaded in game. The Pure red items are loaded after YA which is a very very big no no.
  9. ahh yeah you've kinda corrupted the save by doing that. Hope you have a save before you did that or know how to manually clean/edit your save. The savefile is kinda an esp in itself that overwrites any conflicting data from esps with data saved in the save and when you went werewolf for the first time it changed the records for what body to put you back into. Maybe "showracemenu" will fix it but it's in no way guaranteed. And then if you really want that seperate female model you are going to have to manually make a patch using xedit between it and Yiffy Age.
  10. have you remerged the bashed patch with it loaded before Yiffy Age?
  11. There's your problem. You have Werewolves.esp loaded after Yiffy Age. Yiffy Age is technically not a true replacer mod so the werewolves mod reintroduces the non-furry human/elf body parts data/pointers into the game and while Yiffy Age points to the werewolf bodies, on the change back the werewolf esp has overwritten it to point at the non-furry human/elf bodyparts on the change back. There's a reason that literally the only thing that goes after YA is bashed/merged patches and Live Another Life.
  12. Unfortunately yeah, you will have to do a clean reinstall. As for organizing the plugins, well each mod gets installed in its own unique folder that appears on the left hand pane of the program. The checkbox determines whether MO2 loads it when you use an External Program like LOOT, and dragging the folders up and down determines what it overwrites and is overwritten by, like an esp/esm file basically. But yeah, look up tutorials if you need to.
  13. It is not? I Have no idea why it is listed as Special Edition compatible. There's a Problem. I recommend switching to Mod Organizer 2. NMM just blanket overwrites stuff in the base folder where MO2 puts each mod in its own folder that you can drag and drop to determine load order.
  14. As a Further Clarification the Only Non-Merge/Patch esp that should go after YA is Live Another Life and any extensions of LAL.
  15. Yeah if you've gotten it to where the female felines don't instantly crash the game tell Bad Dog how you did it.
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